AYAQ values and commitments

AYAQ offers a collection that combines the technicality necessary to go anywhere, in any weather, with the durability of the materials and the eco-responsibility of their design.
Materials are selected and tested for the quality of their fiber (non-pilling, abrasion resistance, breathability, waterproofing, windproofing, etc.). On average, 90% of the technical materials are recycled, resulting from mechanical recycling that has less impact on the environment. Moreover, it is not only the fabric that must come from Europe, but also the material that allowed its manufacture. The technical raw materials come exclusively from Europe.

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An example of eco-design

The SHANDAR Windproof Jacket is made of 92% recycled polyester. The recycling is done mechanically and not chemically, which has less impact on the environment. The jacket's fabrics are entirely European (French and Italian). Also, AYAQ has developed a technique that requires 80% less glue in the design of the windbreaker. Eco-design is present at all levels, right down to the assembly and sewing, which takes place in a 100% Green Energy certified expert workshop.

Among the materials, Merino wool

AYAQ selects Merino wool from the best in the world. All processing (cleaning, combing, carding, spinning...) is done in Italy. The sheep are raised in the open air in farms that treat the animals with respect, and where mulesing is strictly prohibited. The wool provides exceptional comfort, with a 17 micron yarn that combines strength and softness.

The product expert's advice:

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Ski touring is an intensive uphill sport, you need technical clothing that breathes and dries quickly after the effort to enjoy the descent without catching cold by adding a good layer of insulation. Ayaq products are designed for this effort with materials such as merino wool for the base layers that give you all the technicality you need.

Florian - Ayaq Product Expert

About Florian: "Rain or shine, nothing can stop the sports enthusiast that I am. Cycling, running and all kinds of sports are part of my daily routine. One thing is for sure, I would never turn down an evening of pétanque with my friends.

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Our selection of Ayaq products

MEFONNA technical T-shirt : When the sun comes out and the effort intensifies, we take off layers. As a first layer, a MEFONNA Merino Long Sleeve: ultra soft, anti-odour and breathable.

SHANDAR Softshell Jacket : The SHANDAR Windproof Jacket was designed to offer great freedom of movement in all disciplines. Put it on for a ski trip or a trail ride.

BALTORO Jacket : The BALTORO Insulation Jacket has excellent thermal insulation to follow you on your coldest adventures. Lightweight and versatile, it guarantees absolute comfort.

LONAK Jacket : The LONAK Hardshell Jacket acts like a protective shell. This jacket was developed in the coldest region of France and is designed to resist the most extreme snow and humidity conditions. It combines comfort, rain insulation and freedom of movement.

NUNATAK Pants : Designed for dynamic and committed practice, the NUNATAK Hardshell Pants have side vents and belt and suspender loops. Ergonomics guaranteed!

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