The new version of the famous Speedgoat from Hoka one one arrives in December on Alpinstore!

The Speedgoat 4 has been revised to improve protection, support, breathability while providing a better fit for your trail rides.

We tell you more about this beautiful novelty!

speedgoat 4 hoka one one

The Speedgoat is one of the historic models of Hoka One One

This shoe was created with inspiration from the athlete of the brand Karl Meltzer nicknamed “The Speedgoat” and defines the Speedgoat trail shoes as a reference in the world of trail running and ultra trail running.

Indeed, Karl Meltzer contributed to the fame of this shoe from his own fame as a traileur with a quick and precise stride on technical terrain.

The Speedgoat 4: its main improvements

The 4th version of the Speedgoat displays new innovative elements compared to the previous versions.

The shoe is armed with a new more breathable and robust mesh, this rod allows air to circulate freely by bringing breathing even when you intensify the effort.

A 3D printed coating has also been added to provide additional support at the midfoot level, ensuring very good stability. To increase this stability effect and to improve comfort even more, the space for the toes has been widened.

To accentuate the dynamism of the shoe, especially for the rebound, the midsole has been changed with a lighter foam.

The Speedgoat 4, like its predecessors, maintains performance on cushioning and shock absorption on impact so that the pleasure of traveling more and more kilometers is there.

Speedgoat 4 hoka one one

The Speedgoat 4: its technical characteristics in detail

  • New mesh knit more breathable and durable
  • 3D printing brings more midfoot support - security and stability
  • More breathable asymmetrical bellows tongue
  • Front foot a little wider for more stability
  • Slightly modified lacing eyelet for excellent hold
  • Lighter midsole for a more dynamic stride
  • Rubber Vibram mega grip
  • 5 mm crampons
  • Drop: 4 mm

The Speedgoat 4 sports a GORE-TEX® membrane on certain models

A big innovation with the Speedgoat 4 GTX, which features a high-end GORE-TEX® lining. This membrane makes the trail shoe waterproof, light and breathable. Ideal for running while keeping your feet dry in all weathers, whatever the conditions.