Slovenia, or the cradle of skiing, is the promised land of the Elan brand. The conditions are perfect in this part of the Eastern Alps where the playground could not be closer. Founded nearly 80 years ago, this Slovenian brand has always been a pioneer and founder of values and innovations.
Skiing is a shared experience, and for it to remain so, we must preserve the environment in which we practice it, and Elan has understood this. With its generational experience, Elan has a unique craft know-how from the design to the conception of your skis, and all this in the same place: Bejunge.

Elan also thinks about its supply chain by using products coming from Europe and with always in mind to offer the best.

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Sustainability at the heart of the Elan brand

When we talk about durability, we think about the choice of material used. To have a material that is both strong and does not harm nature while offering an optimal level of performance. This is the challenge that Elan has set itself.

The brand has carefully selected their suppliers who bring 99% of the raw materials from Europe, nearly 70% in a 400km area around the country and even 1/5th of the raw material coming directly from Slovenia.

The Slovenian brand is already well committed to the management of its supplies but wants to go further, especially in the design. Indeed, the brand is artisanal in the noble sense of the word, that is to say that it makes its skis by hand. And yes it still exists, and it happens at Elan.

The balance sheets are green

The know-how is passed on from generation to generation and the employees are seen as a family within the family. According to them, this is also what being sustainable is all about, taking care of their employees.

All this contributes to the development of the Slovenian economy, which benefits from this knowledge and innovation in the field of skiing. There is a real desire to grow and respect the planet and the local environment. Elan also actively participates in the development of Slovenian projects to give a boost to those in need.

To confirm its commitment, Elan is powered by 100% renewable energy and is continually evolving to be ever closer to reality and nature.

A vision shared by Elan athletes

A vision is shared and evolves. This is exactly what Elan has put in place with its athletes who slide under the brand, a real sharing of knowledge and implementation of actions that really impact, a measuring cup that hydrates the world.

An exchange takes place between the athletes' return from their expeditions and meetings with scientists on the road. Especially in the most remote areas of the world where the melting ice and climate change is a major issue. The brand acts wherever it can, and if it can't, it will find a way to do so, that's the spirit of the Elan family.


"When I climb a mountain, I am fully aware that every part of my equipment has left a mark during production. Just as I draw two parallel lines that slowly expand with each step. That'show it is, all living things leave their footprints in the course of their lives," explains Rok Rozman."

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Discover Elan's sustainable ski touring line

The RIPSTICK TOUR ski touring range

The Ripstick Tour 88

The Ripstick Tour 88 ski combines lightness, powder performance and stability in variable conditions, and thus allows for a reinvention of freerando equipment. The Ripstick Tour 88 has the optimal sidecut to provide confidence on descents without compromising the comfort needed for long technical climbs. The use of CARBON BRIDGE technology and its unique carbon reinforcement optimizes the energy of the ski for a soft touch and a playful bounce. This ski with a modern freeride shape offers an ideal weight/performance ratio for all skiers, regardless of the conditions encountered in the mountains.


  • High performance on the climb
  • Excellent grip
  • Fluid in entry and exit of turns
  • Playful flex
  • Lightweight

The Ripstick Tour 94

Combining skiability and lightness in ski design is an art. This know-how is Élan's heritage. Developed in partnership with the brand's athletes and mountain guides, the Ripstick Tour 94 exceeds all expectations in terms of weight/performance ratio. The ski is perfectly stable, dynamic, easy to turn, and meets the light weight requirements for finding the best lines to ski. With 94 mm underfoot and Carbon Bridge technology, the result is an ultra-lightweight construction combined with outstanding skiability. It is now possible to engage on the descent without being limited on the ascent!


  • Unmatched climbing and descending performance
  • Best combination of grip and lift
  • Versatile in turn entry and exit
  • Playful flex
  • Lightweight

These two touring skis are part of the Elan brand's sustainable approach:

- 100% green energy in the production process.
- Over 70% of the volume of the skis are made from natural and recycled materials.
- Environmentally friendly printing technology. Graphics are produced using environmentally friendly digital printing technology with no VOCs.


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