Freeze-dried Trekn Eat Beef stew

Brand: Trek'n Eat

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Gourmet forest stew with beef and pasta, served with a game sauce. More details

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Gourmet forest stew with beef and pasta, served with a game sauce.

It only takes a few seconds to pour the contents of the Trek'n Eat bag onto your plate. Served hot, the civet helps to fight the cold, fill hungry stomachs and, surprisingly, warm numb feet. When the elements are raging outside, get your best asset out of your bag: the forest civet.

Expert advice


Trek'n Eat chicken tikka masala is a freeze-dried dish presented in a practical package. With 634 kcal and 3.48 kcal per gram transported, it has the qualities to seduce the trekker in search of a nourishing, satiating dish with an optimized weight/calorie ratio. Performance that will force us to close our eyes to a few nutritional flaws and a taste below what the German brand is used to.

Positive points :
Convenient packaging
Easy to prepare
Calorie/weight ratio
Good spicy smell

Negative points:
Palm oil
Not very tasty
Ingredients with non-dissociable flavours
Fatty sensation in the mouth

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