When you go hiking, the backpack is an essential whatever the duration, the difficulty... Alpinstore will help you in your search for the perfect backpack, adapted to your practice, comfortable and practical. Whether you're going on the GR20 in Corsica, Compostela, a day hike at Lac Blanc or an afternoon in the forest of Brocéliande, we help you find the backpack that suits you best.


For this, there are several criteria that can guide you in your choice:

1. The volume and weight of the backpack

First of all, it is necessary to choose the right bedding for your backpack according to your practice. Indeed, you will not have the same needs if you go for a day or over several days. Depending on your practice and if you want to travel as light as possible, weight is also a determining factor in your choice. Obviously, the larger the volume of the bag, the heavier it is because it has a carrying system to better distribute the weight of the backpack.

- For a day hike

For this kind of hike, which can last only 2 hours or a whole day, you will need at least a water bottle and an insulating jacket or even a picnic, a camera, a fleece etc... Depending on what you are doing and what you need, backpacks with a small volume are recommended. Either a backpack between 10 and 35 liters.

Here is a small selection of small backpacks :




Aeon 27 


Miwok 24


Hikelite 18



millet ubic 20 lowe alpine aeon 27 gregory miwok 24 osprey hikelite 18 the north face vault
109,95€ 119,95€ 109,00€ 79,00€ 69,00€

- For a 2 to 3 day hike with accommodation

If you plan to hike for several days and sleep in a hut, you will need a bit more stuff, we recommend that you take a 35 to 45 litre backpack.

Here is a selection of 35-45 litre backpacks :


High Alpine Peak 45


Alp Trainer 35+3


Ubic 45 MBS


Aeon 35


Windactive 38

ortovox salewa millet lowe alpine lafuma
220,00€ 150,00€ 179,95€ 129,90€ 139,95€

lowe alpine

- For the trekking : trekking over several days with bivouacs in the middle of nature.

For long treks with bivouacs, we recommend backpacks of between 50 and 80 liters to be able to take everything you need: sleeping bag, tent and camping utensils, food, water and your clothes.

Our selection of large backpacks :


Aura AG 65


Manaslu ND60:75


Hanang 65+10


Alptrek 65+10 Pro


Access 65+10

osprey lowe alpine manaslu millet salewa lafuma
250,00€ 229,95€ 269,95€ 230,00€ 159,95€

- For long trips with accommodation

Are you going on a road trip or a trip around the world? Backpacks of more than 80 litres are the best choice for you, you will be able to carry a maximum of stuff in a practical and comfortable way.

Our selection of large travel backpacks :


Cerro Torre ND60:80 femme


Aether 85


Cerro Torre 65:85


Aether 85


Cerro Torre 80:100

lowe alpine cerro torre osprey aether 85 lowe alpine cerro torre osprey aether 85 lowe alpine cerro torre
279,95€ 270,00€ 279,95€ 270,00€ 299,95€

2. The comfort of carrying and the practicality of the backpack

In order to choose the right backpack, it is important that it is comfortable, so you should look at the carrying system, which is made up of several elements:

- The frames of the backpacks which allows a transfer of the weight of the backpack on your hips while accompanying your gestures while walking and thus a feeling of lighter weight.

- Breathability and moisture wicking with a back ventilated by honeycombed materials or stretched back (with a space between the back and the backpack to allow air to pass through more easily).

- Adjustments: it is important to be able to adjust your backpack to your morphology to optimize carrying comfort.

Depending on the model, a backpack has several compartments, several pockets more or less practical depending on your adventure. It is important to optimize the access and storage of your stuff, especially if you are going on a trek. You will find all the necessary information on our product sheets.


3. Accessories for your backpack

Some backpacks have handy accessories such as :

- A waterproof cover also called the "rain cover", this will protect your backpack in case of light rain and against humidity at night.

- A specific compartment for hydration, so you can put a water pouch in it.

- Different external hooks can be present to make it easier to carry sticks, crampons, ice axe, tents, mattresses, ... among others.