An incredible story

The brand Dynastar founded in Sallanches (74), was born in 1963. Born of the collaboration between the Starflex and Dynamic skis, the name is as you could understand it, the contraction of the latter two. In 1966, Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat offered the first three World Championship titles and the first three silver medals with Dynastar skis. Following this real success, the brand produced more than 10,000 pairs of skis per year and had a sales record of 530,000 pairs in the early 80s.

More than 30 years later, in 1992 during the Albertville Olympic Games, its continued success since Dynastar is represented as the most medal-winning brand. To maintain this popularity, Dynastar is launching parabolic skis, which makes it a leader and pioneer in this new generation of ski. Also being the first brand to offer a freeride range, the Dynstar 4x4 skis remain emblematic products today. Thus, seeing the world of advanced skiing, Dynastar offers in 2001, skis adapted to the morphology of skiers.


Its French champions

In 1966: Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat offer the first three titles of world champions and the first three silver medals to France

In 1975: Henri Duvillard is the vice-world champion

In 1984: Didier Bouvet wins the bronze medal in slalom

In 1992: Edgar Grospiron becomes Olympic mogul ski champion in Albertville

In 1998: Arno Adam wins the title of world freeride champion, in Alaska

In 1999: Candide Thovex is the big air fan of the Australian Xtreme Games

In 2002: Jean-Pierre Vidal becomes Olympic slalom champion

In 2007: Aurélien Ducroz wins a freeride world cup

In 2009: Aurélien Ducroz is the winner of numerous competitions such as the Xtrem in Verbier or the Nissan freeride in Chamonix.

In 2011: Florent Perrier and William Bon-Mardion ravage ski mountaineering by winning numerous medals

In 2014: Dominique Gisin is Olympic downhill champion // Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Arnaud Bovolanta climb on the highest steps of the podium by winning gold and silver

In 2019: Clément Noël, who has 4 podiums including 3 victories, extends his contract with Dynastar until the Beijing Olympics in 2022.

Its new Speed Zone 4x4 range is inspired by a unique playground: Chamonix

The Speed Zone 4x4 range seems to be one of the best All mountain ranges for this winter 2019/2020. With several technologies, the Dynastar models assure you ideal days of skiing.

  • The Hybrid Core promises you a unique gliding sensation
  • The 3D profile ensures dynamic skiing
  • The Powerdrive allows you to be stable and comfortable on your feet. The grip of the ski will be optimal
  • The Construction exudes rigor and this, for a unique glide specific to each skier

Its evolution over the last 20 years