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A pair of bindings adapted to your pair of skis?

Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of bindings for your pair of alpine skis. Indeed, the brands Marker, Look and Scott promise to meet your needs, whatever your discipline.

Today you have a pair of bare skis and you want to complete your purchase with a binding but you don't know which one to choose? Follow our advice ...

Operation of an alpine ski binding

A ski binding comes in two parts:

- A front part called "the stop", which allows you to put on the front of your foot.

- A back part called "the heel", which allows you to place the back of your foot to hold your shoe in place.

You know as well as we do, that the primary purpose of a ski binding is to hold the ski boot in place, so you can carve curves, hurtle down the slopes or get laid in the snowparks. But do you know how it works in case of a fall?

In the event of a fall, the binding, which contains a number of springs, will release in order to free your ski boot. Caution! The adjustment must be carefully carried out for this release system to work properly.

This is where your weight and height come into play. Indeed, it is according to your morphology but also to your level that the adjustment of the binding will be more or less important.

The choice of your ski binding

As said before, the choice of your ski binding depends on the following characteristics:

- Your discipline : piste, freeride, freestyle ...

- Your level: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert

- Your weight

Let's take it in order. The fixing model depends of course on your practice. :

- For the track: Often when you start downhill skiing, skis are sold in packs (skis + binding) as it is not very important to choose top of the range bindings when it is only a question of sliding down the slope. For all those who want a binding, it is mandatory that the brake system is adapted to the width of your ski. Just look at the width of the brakes and the brake pad of your ski.
At Alpinstore the quality of the product is important, that's why we offer Marker's strong and durable bindings as well as brands that have been recognized for years such as Look.

- For freeride: In this discipline, it seems important to choose a suitable binding, which is why a wide brake system should be favoured. If it does not fit the skid of your skis, the assembly will be difficult and its operation will be disturbed. Note that it is also preferable to choose stiffer/solider bindings. For example, the Marker brand offers you the Griffon or Look which offers you the famous Pivot.

Your choice will also depend on your level The DIN index means the adjustable value. The higher it is, the more difficult it will be to remove the shoes. For a spring mounting, the DIN value is directly related to the compression of the spring. Thus, a high DIN value results in a high compression of the spring and makes it more difficult to remove the shoes.

- Beginner level: DIN 3 to 6

- Intermediate level DIN 5 to 9

- Confirmed level DIN 8 to 13

- Expert level DIN 12 to 24

The fixing must be chosen in relation to your weight. Your weight and DIN number are linked. Indeed if you are light, go for a low DIN fixation (according to the levels mentioned above). The heavier you are, the higher the DIN should be.

At Alpinstore, you will find the ideal ski bindings for all practices and all levels. As a reminder, our brands Marker, Look and Scott ensure incredible moments on and off the slopes. You now know how the ski binding works and the characteristics that influence the choice. Rely on our advice and go for it!

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