Following our section "All eco-friendly: the Alpinstore team's eco-responsible initiatives" in which we invited you to share your eco-responsible initiatives, we received several testimonials reflecting how everyone can take action on a daily basis.

Today, we present you testimonials from Christine and Sherry that shown us what actions everyone can take in an eco-friendly way at their own scale!

Sherry's eco-friendly initiative :

"I currently work from home and only use my car once a week to do my shopping and errands. I use a reusable water bottle (I don't buy bottled water). I have a battery-powered lawn power to delineate my garden. My house is not air-conditioned, so I open the windows during the cooler hours and keep them closed during the warmer hours. I like to wear durable brands such as Picture and Patagonia."


If, like Sherry, your choice of clothing is important to you, you can find a selection of eco-friendly products and brands in our "eco-friendly selection" section. 

Eco-friendly initiative by Christine :

"For my part, I try to buy as many things as possible in bulk, to limit packaging as much as possible and to buy local. I switched to Marseille soap, which lasts longer than a liquid soap and does not contain additives like other soaps for example.
I make my own cereal bars and put them in tupperware to limit the use of plastic. I do a lot of carpooling to limit carbon impacts".


Why make your own cereal bars?

Making your own cereal bars like Christine does can be beneficial in many ways:

1. Knowing what you're eating!

Indeed, when we buy cereal bars or energy bars, we rarely pay attention to what's inside. Often too sweet or too fatty, containing little cereal or fruit as you might think, creating your own cereal bars allows you to control what you want to put inside.

2. Choosing where we buy our products.

Making or rather cooking your own cereal bars makes it possible to know where the products come from and thus to be able to choose to buy them in local stores or eco-label products in order to favour quality and short circuits.

3. Saving money

The price of certain energy products such as cereal bars can often be very high. Buying the necessary ingredients in bulk can significantly reduce your expenses for this type of product.

4. Composed according to your desires!

Having the choice of tastes and textures, putting yourself behind the stove by having selected products that you appreciate to have a truly personalized choice!

If you too want to try cooking your own bars like Christine did, we have selected a recipe to try at home:

cereal bars

Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Ingredients (for 20 bites) :
- 50 gr of brown sugar
- 150 gr of muesli
- 50 gr of butter
- 20 gr of honey
- 40 grams of chocolate chips

Preparation :

Preheat your oven th 5-6 (160°C)
In a large bowl, mix sugar and cereal. Melt the butter and honey together for one minute in the microwave and fold into the muesli with a spatula. Add the chocolate and mix.
Spread in the silicone moulds and bake for 20 minutes. Wait a few minutes before unmoulding and leave to cool on absorbent paper (to absorb excess butter).

The recipe on the blog my kitchen and you : Recipe Muesli and chocolate

These two testimonials show us that simple gestures within everyone's reach are possible, whether in the way we consume, work or even practice our passion for outdoor sports. Take the bike to work, buy supplies in local stores or try to make your own products.

If, like Sherry and Christine, you too would like to share your eco-friendly gestures that you do on a daily basis, write us an e-mail at In exchange for an article of a few lines (photos are welcome!), we offer you a voucher of 15 €, with no minimum purchase on a selection of products. (Excluding current promotions)

In addition to the voucher, we will publish the most relevant initiatives on our dedicated eco-friendly space!