Your Contribution to a Changing Environment - Act for The Outdoors

Your Contribution to a Changing Environment - Act for The Outdoors

ACTFOR THE OUTDOOR - their program

ACT for the Outdoors is the programme that supports outdoor projects of preservation of the environment and development of the practice of outdoor sports in a sustainable development approach. ACT for the Outdoors launches a fundraising campaign and wishes to mobilize every company in the outdoor industry as well as all those who are concerned about their playing field, to contribute by a donation to the financing of associative projects of general interest.

The goal?

  • To speed up awareness and create a collective dynamic between the outdoor industry, local authorities and players.

  • To financially support associative or related structures implementing concrete projects of general interest, on the field.

ALPINSTORE - our contribution

100% of your donation will go directly to the supported associations! On our website AlpinstoreIf you want toadd a new item to your shopping cart, we give you the possibility toround up your cart at the end of your order. This action allows you to recover funds, but you should know that these funds are totally donated to Act For The Outdoor, in order to preserve natural spaces and the sustainable development of outdoor activities.

CONSUMERS - your commitment

Thanks to you and your willingness to participate in the preservation of our playground and to improve the development of outdoor sports, Act for The Outdoor collects close to 100 000€ and finances 10 projects in only two years. Thanks to your donations and your small gestures, Act For The Outdoor projects itself through different associations.


  • "Take your shoes and rake"
    The project consists of training trail runners on the impacts of their running on the natural areas they cross. It also gives them the opportunity to participate concretely in the preservation of these areas. In order to meet these 2 objectives, the project includes a digital module (Mooc) and the organization of participative workcamps, allowing to restore and maintain grounds for their ecological stakes.
  • "La montagne prend ses quartiers"
    The project aims at the inclusion of young people from the districts of the Arve Valley through a programme of mountain practice and professional orientation. Taking young people out of their comfort zone, introducing them to the mountain environment, raising awareness of the effects of climate change on the mountains; these are the main objectives of this project. The programme of activities will be staggered and will allow the young people to move from one level to another: firstly, within the neighbourhoods, then via day trips, and finally, a two-day adventure in the high mountains to access the mountain environment and climb a summit!

  • "Let's share the sky between birds of prey and paragliders"
    There are many interactions between birds of prey and paragliders. Sometimes, in specific places and at specific times of the year, they can be detrimental to rock raptors (Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Bearded Vulture), especially during the nesting period. The aim of the project is to list these sensitive areas and then to build a tool that can be used by paragliders to warn them in case of disturbance. Thus, avoid flying over these areas and transform these sensitive areas into
    " bubble of tranquility ".

If you are sensitive to the preservation of natural areas and the sustainable development of outdoor activities, then make a gesture.

"In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than staying still"

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