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The ideal bike helmet at Alpinstore

Alpinstore offers you today, a multitude of choices concerning bicycle helmets. Although it is not mandatory for children over 12 years old, it is necessary or even indispensable for the protection of your head. The price of this product varies and can be very high. But what makes the price of a bicycle helmet so high? We explain everything about the bike helmet and its features.

The essential technical features of the bicycle helmet

Helmet retention

We all know that bike outings don't take 2 minutes but hours. That's why it's important that the bicycle helmet is synonymous with comfort during your outing. If we take the main points of contact it is your skull, forehead, temples and the back of your head that are affected.

Here you will find a difference in comfort between the low-end and high-end helmets. The entry-level helmets are often presented with a basic head contour, while the high-end helmets have a slimmer and more ergonomic design with antibacterial treated foams. As a result, wearing the helmet is more comfortable and compatible with a mountain bike mask or bicycle sunglasses.

Tightening the bicycle helmet

It is essential that the bicycle helmet is correctly adjusted for optimum comfort and maximum protection. Alpinstore explains the main tightening points:

- Side straps: a system we all know but which can positively/negatively impact the price of the bike helmet. Indeed, the tightening capacity, the thickness of the fabric or the anchorage points influence the quality.

- An occipital clamp which is located at the back of the helmet: can be a notch or a knurled clamp. The latter allows precise adjustment.

- The chinstrap for a support under the jaw: the thinner the clamping is, the better the clamping possibilities will be.

Bicycle helmet ventilation

Cyclists can't stand the pressure cooker effect in summer. For this reason, it is essential that your bike helmet is well ventilated, such as Uvex bike helmets for example. The more the helmet is ventilated, the more the technical materials used are composed of technology, which makes it more resistant during impact.

The weight of the helmet

The primary purpose of a bicycle helmet is to resist impact. As said before, there are low-end helmets that will generally be heavier because the shell is thick to be resistant. Unlike to Bollé high-end helmetsThese are made with rigid foams to save weight.

It should be noted that these helmets, which are lighter, often have a significant ventilation which requires a reinforcement of the internal structure with different types of mesh.

Which helmet for which use?

Depending on the practice you practice, the model of bicycle helmet can be different. On Alpinstore, there are :

- Traditional helmet: light and ventilated, this helmet is suitable for long outings as well as competition. Versatile, this bike helmet will accompany you everywhere. Here, the Cairnbrand offers you a wide selection.

Poc also offers some for your children. Blue, pink, green ... only bright and recognizable colours.

- Urban helmet: corresponding to any type of use, the urban bike helmet brings an incredible protection with a refined style. The Uvex brand assures you more pleasant moments than ever.

- Mountain bike helmet: declined in several variants, the mountain bike helmet comes with many ventilation points and is often light. Covering the neck, the bike helmet offers better protection against shocks. This type of model is recommended for people who enjoy mountain rides. Go to Poc, the brand that offers you a wide range of selection.

- Downhill mountain bike helmet: this model of helmet ensures more efficient outings than ever. Especially with the Poc downhill bike helmet range , which provides maximum protection!

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