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Discover our essential ski touring packs with skins

Concerning the practice of ski touring, find a selection of products on Alpinstore, ski alone, boots, ski brakes, poles, bindings, knives and skins. Otherwise opt for a ski pack to fill up your equipment this winter.

Skis and skins the mixed winner of our pack

Alpinstore offers a selection of packs consisting of a pair of skis with skins. Customize your pack, according to your needs and desires.

Packs for all levels

For beginners, intermediates, advanced or experts, discover our packs adapted to your level of practice.

Ski touring with a specific skin

The touring skis are very light, to make the ascents easier, short enough to make it easy to go downhill and wide enough for travel in soft snow. We also offer sets of skis with bindings to be found here.

Like the tires of your car, they ensure the grip of your skis on the snow. Mohair, synthetic or mixed (mohair and synthetic) skins depending on the desired glide. This is an essential safety feature, as it allows you not to slide backwards when you climb a slope. It has an anti-recoil effect that ensures your safety during your mountain outings.

With Alpinstore, you can buy ski touring kits for both men and women, according to your needs and your practice. The packs are a good reason to make your choice of equipment easier, no more hassles when selecting your equipment!

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