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Ski poles? It's not just an accessory!

Alpinstore offers you many brands to find the ideal pair of poles. Indeed, the ski pole, sold in pairs, is not only a trendy accessory. It allows you to gain in balance and therefore stability when you go down the slopes. Yes, you can choose a pair of ski poles! So follow our advice ...

The composition of a ski pole

If we describe the stick from bottom to top, it is composed of the following elements:

- The tip: the tip will allow you to plant your stick in the snow. This will make it easier to advance and move when the slope becomes flat. This tip can also be planted at all your turn entries, to help you trigger it correctly.

- The puck: The puck is the element that prevents the pole from sinking too deep into the snow each time you plant it. There are several types of puck, such as the puck designed for on-piste practice (narrow and with little wind grip) and the puck for powder (wider for better lift in case of contact).

- Thetube: the tube of the ski pole can be made of different materials: aluminium or carbon. The more carbon it is made of, the lighter the pole will be but less resistant. This tube can be single-stranded as for the Leki specialized brand ski poles or telescopic Black Diamond. This option is to be chosen according to your preferences.

- Thehandle: the handle is where your hand comes to rest. That's why it should provide maximum comfort. There are two styles of handle: 4-finger handles or 3-finger handles + index finger, which are better for small hands.

- The wrist strap: The wrist strap is represented by the strap that goes around your wrist when you are in place. This allows you to hold the pole correctly when you move around but above all not to lose it in the event of a fall.

At Alpinstore, we offer high quality equipment, but that doesn't mean we don't cater for all types of skiers and all types of budgets, which is why we also offer the brand of cheap ski poles Kerma.

How do you choose the size of your stick?

To be efficient and effective, the size of your stick is essential. Indeed, the more it will be at the right height, the more strength you will have to gain speed on your movements and the less energy you will use.

The trick is simple:

- Turn the stick over to put it upside down. Put the handle on the ground and the tip should be in the direction of your head.

- Put your hand under the washer (indeed, when the stick gets stuck in the snow, the tip/washer part is invisible. This is why this small part should not be taken into account when choosing the size).

- The hollow of your elbow should ideally be at a 90° angle. If this angle is too wide (>90°) then take one pole size up; if the angle is too narrow (

If it is not possible to try the poles as explained above, here is some information to use when choosing the size: in general, skiers of the following sizes usually opt for these pole sizes.

Skier size cm

Stick size

1m55 / 1m60


1m60 / 1m65


1m70 / 1m75


1m75 / 1m80




Now you know all about the ski pole. The cards are in your hands, so all you have to do is follow our advice to choose the right size. From the green slope to the black slope, you'll perform at your best.

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