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How to choose the right socks?

To be perfectly comfortable in your socks, it's essential to know your shoe size. However, finding the right sock size can sometimes be difficult. They can vary from one brand to another, or even from one country to another. Wearing socks that are too big or too small can be very uncomfortable.

To help you make the right choice, we've put together a few tips on how to measure your foot and advise you on the best size to choose.
Be prepared and follow our advice to feel comfortable in your socks!

European, American and English sizes?

There are several sock size systems, including European, British, American and international units of measurement. You can convert the size of your foot in centimetres into a unit of size using these systems.

Sock sizes are generally similar to shoe sizes thanks to the sizing systems. However, if you wear a size 41.5, we recommend that you choose a half-size smaller for your socks. This is because socks are stretchable and adapt to the length of the foot.

European sizes: In Europe, the sizing system used is the Paris point, equivalent to approximately 6.7 millimeters.

American sizes: In the USA, the size system used (the Brannock system) differentiates between women's, men's and children's sizes. Charles Brannock invented this foot-measuring device, which enables the feet of men, women and children to be measured separately.

English sizes: In the UK, the size system used is the Barleycorn system. English sizes do not differentiate between men's and women's sizes. However, they may be slightly different for children and therefore not correspond to adult sizes. One barleycorn represents one-third of an inch, or about 8.46 millimeters in length.

So how do you measure your feet?

To determine your sock size, you can measure the size of your foot. For example, a woman whose foot measures 24.4 cm generally wears a size 38 in France, a size 5 in the UK and a size 6.5 in the US.

Here are a few tips on how to measure your foot:
  1. Place your feet against a wall on a sheet of cardboard.
  2. Hold your heel against the wall and make sure your foot is flat.
  3. Draw a line above your big toe and another at the end of your heel.
  4. Measure the distance between the two lines in centimetres to determine the length of your foot.
For example, if your foot measurement is 25 cm, this generally corresponds to a size 39 in France, which will enable you to choose women's socks (size 36-41). If your foot measures 28 cm, this generally corresponds to a size 43.5, allowing you to choose socks for men (size 41-46).

What are the criteria?

To ensure a good fit, it's essential that your socks adapt perfectly to your calf without being too tight. At AlpinStore, we offer you socks designed to provide optimum comfort while remaining snugly in place.

Choose socks with discreet or fun designs to suit your mood and riding style, adding a touch of chic and originality.

Select socks made from quality materials, including natural fibers such as cotton, Scottish yarn or wool. A small amount of polyamide and elastane may also be present to enhance strength and ensure a perfect fit.

It's essential to choose the right socks for every activity. For everyday use, opt for comfortable socks with a high proportion of cotton. For sports, choose technical socks that reduce friction and the risk of injury. For hiking, choose warm socks that allow the skin to breathe.

When buying socks, opt for those made locally. Opt for short circuits and socks made in France to support local production.

Focus on quality by choosing durable socks, rather than having to replace them frequently. Take the time to check the quality of manufacture and materials to ensure you get quality socks.

Finally, make sure you choose the right sock size. Make sure they don't squeeze your calf too tightly, and that they're neither too small nor too large for an optimal fit.
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