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How to choose the right climbing t-shirt?

When it comes to climbing, it's not enough just to have the right equipment, it's also crucial to choose the right clothing. However, even for experienced climbers, it can sometimes be difficult to know which types of clothing are the most appropriate to make climbing easier. In this discussion, you'll find all the information you need to make the best clothing choices in this context.

Summer or indoor

It's worth pointing out that the clothes used for indoor climbing are generally lighter. It is therefore preferable to opt for a t-shirt made from a light, comfortable material. It's important that the t-shirt doesn't overheat during exercise. You can choose a model that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. If you prefer, you can also consider a tank top.

What to avoid

We strongly advise against wearing cotton clothing when climbing, as this material is not suitable for regulating body temperature. Cotton is not suited to temperature variations, which can lead to hypothermia and put your health at risk. When you're exerting yourself, your body temperature can drop rapidly if you're wearing cotton clothing. For an optimal climbing experience, it's best to opt for body-building clothing or T-shirts specifically designed for climbing. In conclusion, it's essential to understand that cotton clothing is not suitable for this activity.

Outdoors or in winter

When climbing outdoors in winter, it's important to choose clothing that will keep you warm and make climbing easier. The main objective is to achieve a sensation of intense warmth while maintaining minimal comfort. In this case, a cotton t-shirt may be an appropriate option, as this material has effective insulating properties.

It's also essential to pay particular attention to the collar of your garment. Make sure it rises high enough to protect you from drafts and cold snaps. You can find models of climbing clothing on specialized websites that will perfectly suit your preferences.

In addition, a fleece can be an excellent choice to accompany you during your climb. Make sure you choose a lightweight fleece with certain important features. It should be breathable, abrasion-resistant and allow efficient wicking of perspiration. You should also opt for a practical cut that allows you to move freely and comfortably.

What to avoid

It's important not to limit yourself to cotton clothing when climbing, even in winter. Even during the effort of climbing, it's possible to perspire, which makes cotton clothing less suitable. What's more, it's best to avoid waterproof clothing, which can limit breathability and lead to moisture build-up. It is therefore advisable to choose outfits that offer both cold and wind protection.

It is essential to emphasize that synthetic garments or those made from more flexible fabrics are better suited to climbing. These materials offer better body temperature regulation, efficient moisture wicking and greater freedom of movement, which is essential for this activity. So it's best to opt for garments designed specifically for climbing, which combine these technical features to provide you with optimum comfort while you're climbing.
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