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Powderedenergy drinksare traditional but safe, powders are still popular with shakers. The flavours have diversified and have become more realistic and exotic. Container formats have also evolved: from practical individual sachets to economical jars weighing more than 2 kilos.

What to take before, during and after exercise?

During a long run, a day of Nordic walking or a trail in the mountains, it is important to have an effective supply. Your body must imperatively store enough fuel to allow you to ensure the effort.

  • Before the race

In addition to a balanced and varied diet, it is obviously advisable to stay well hydrated. During this period, the use of an exercise drink - or isotonic drink - can be useful to maintain glycogen reserves. These sports drinks are in fact useful in your preparation phase so as not to deplete your energy reserves before D-day. Alpinstore offers the well-known Overstim's energy drinks for your sports activities!

  • During your trail

In addition to your energy drink, it is essential to eat regularly. The intensity of the effort very often leads to a loss of appetite, but you should not wait for the craving because the assimilation time can be long and you risk the blow of tiredness. If your effort is long term, it is important to accompany you with sweet or savoury cereal bars, energy gels and drinks, biscuits rich in carbohydrates and drinks rich in minerals.

  • After the race, what to eat and drink?

Immediately after the end of the race, the recovery drinks are useful for accelerating the regeneration process of muscles and energy reserves.

Thereafter, you will have to favour a diet that is rich in protein, sodium and potassiumto ensure a good recovery phase. You can opt for protein bars, freeze-dried or fresh fruit, fruit pastes... but above all, you need protein to relieve your muscles. Food supplements can also be used to enrich your intake and replenish your vitamin stock. To do this Alpinstore offers its range of energy supplies!

Finally, do not neglect the rehydration phase by drinking water . lots of water!

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