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Without sealskin for touring skis no ascents on snowy slopes, so no touring. The sealskin for touring skis is fixed under your touring skis. They prevent your foot from slipping at every step on a slope. This anti-recoil effect is obtained by the part in contact with the snow. The part in contact with the ski adheres to the board thanks to an adhesive (a glue) or a self-adhesive system as well as an attachment system placed on the ski. The maintenance of the skins is also essential for a long life of the skins, accessories from Colltex so you'll be useful.

Which system to choose: glue or self-adhesive?

Manufacturers have developed self-adhesive skins based on the principle of the molecular suction cup. They are made of acrylic or silicone. They are easier to use and maintain. Glue-free touring ski skins do not require dirty DIY. They can be stored more easily in your rucksack or rolled up in a pocket of your jacket.

Which materials to choose?

Originally, ski touring used real animalskins, with short and hard hair, fixed under the soles of the skis (mainly seal or elk skins ). Nowadays, wool and synthetic fibres have replaced animal skins, but the name has remained for "sealskins", which adhere to the ascent and are divided into three categories :

  • Mohair skins

Mohair is a wool taken from the Asian angora goat. Its gliding quality is incomparable. It has excellent uphill grip with its more than effective anti-recoil effect. The 100% mohair skins wear quickly and kick (snow accumulation) quickly. It is necessary to maintain them regularly to fight against this phenomenon and maintain optimal performance. They are the first choice of competitors.

  • Synthetic skins

Self-adhesive and entirely made of synthetic material, these skins are very resistant but offer a lower glide quality than 100% mohair skins. However, they allow an entry-level purchase for beginners or people who practice gentle hiking. This type of ski touring skins offers a less efficient glide.

  • Mixed skins: mohair + synthetic skins

70% mohair plus 30% synthetic, the most reasonable choice of the moment. Mixed ski touring skins made up of 70% mohair and 30% synthetic are ideal for offering a good quality of glide as well as a powerful anti-recoil effect. They have a longer lifespan than the aforementioned ski touring skins. For regular or occasional sportsmen and women. A perfect compromise on both performance and price.

Alpinstore offers you a wide range of skins such as Pomoca universal skins or the different models available from brands such as Black Crowszebra skins.

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