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Never without a helmet!

Helmets are essential for many outdoor sports. It ensures your safety and effectively protects your head. That's why it's important to choose your helmet carefully, depending on how you intend to use it. Alpinstore offers you a selection of helmets, including Petzl mountaineering helmets

Selection criteria for a good helmet

A good climbing helmet must meet a number of criteria to provide optimum protection for your head:

- Optimal fit: Helmets should be optimally shaped so as not to get in your way while you're climbing.

- Comfortable: helmet comfort is often given too little weight.

- safe and comfortable: If your climbing helmet grips your head too tightly, climbing will quickly become tiring.

- be stable. Since it could save your life, its ability to provide the necessary safety when climbing is essential.

- be able to withstand a five-kilo fall from a height of two meters. In this way, we test the climbing helmet's ability to withstand the energy generated by such a fall. We also test the climbing helmet's impact resistance at the front, back and sides. Only when these tests have been passed is the climbing helmet marketed as a climbing helmet.

- A climbing helmet can also be customized: the length of the chin strap can be adjusted, or the inner liner can be tightened, usually by means of a knob on the back of the helmet above the nape of the neck.

The different climbing/mountaineering helmets

Alpinstore offers all types of climbing helmets, including the best climbing helmets for men:

- Hard-shell helmets: As the name suggests, these are climbing helmets with a rigid shell. Cushioning is provided by an adjustable strap system inside the helmet.

Model: titan

- Helmets with foam shells are often lightweight. In the event of impact, the foam absorbs energy in the same way as the deformable zones of a car in an accident.

Models: Boreo, Vector, Vapor

- Hybrid helmets combine the qualities of hard-shell and foam helmets. These climbing helmets have a thin rigid shell and a foam interior for better energy absorption.

Models: Sirocco, Vision, wall rider

There are also women's climbing helmets and small children's climbing helmets with the same safety standards as those for adults.

It should be noted, however, that in the event of an impact or fall, the climbing helmet must be replaced immediately. This is a prerequisite for optimum safety!

Thanks to the best Petzl, Black Diamond, Mammut, Millet, Camp, ... Alpinstore will help you make the right choice.

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