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How to choose the right climbing pulley?

Choosing the right climbing pulley is a crucial step for any climber, whether an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned veteran. Pulleys are essential devices used in a variety of climbing situations, whether to belay a partner, hoist gear, or even for emergency rescue systems. Here are a few things to consider when choosing climbing pulleys:
Pulley type: There are two types of pulleys commonly used in climbing: single pulleys and tandem pulleys. Single pulleys are lightweight and compact, ideal for transporting large quantities. Tandem pulleys have two wheels and are more versatile, enabling more efficient hauling.
Strength: Strength is an essential factor. Make sure the pulleys you choose are certified for climbing use. Check their breaking load, which should be high enough to support the intended loads.
Rope diameter: Make sure pulleys are compatible with the rope diameter you normally use. Using the wrong pulley can cause premature rope wear and reduce safety.
Efficiency: Pulleys can be fitted with ball bearings to improve their efficiency. This reduces friction and facilitates rope movement through the pulley, which is particularly important when using hauling systems.
Weight and compactness: If you're an alpine or big-pitch climber, the weight and compactness of pulleys are factors to consider, as every gram counts when you're carrying your equipment over long distances.
Versatility: If you plan to use your pulleys in different situations, opt for versatile models that can be used for a variety of applications, from belaying to mountain rescue.
Brand and quality : Investing in quality pulleys from reputable manufacturers is essential for safe climbing. Don't hesitate to ask experienced climbers for recommendations, or consult the Alpinstore team's climbing expert.
Ultimately, your choice of climbing pulleys will depend on your climbing style, your specific needs and your budget. Always make sure you maintain them properly and inspect them regularly for wear and damage. Pulleys are an essential link in your climbing equipment, and taking the time to choose the right ones can make a significant difference in terms of safety and performance during your vertical adventures.
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