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Your eyes, that part of your body that is one of the most sensitive. Protect them, take care of them. And for that, choose the right pair of glasses! Depending on the colour of your eyes and the sensitivity you have to light, you have a very wide choice to find THE pair you need.

First of all, you have to take into account the shape of your face because depending on it, you will have to choose the shape of the glasses that will suit you best.

Then choose what you prefer as glass, rather glass or polycarbonate? It should be noted that glasses with a polycarbonate lens are more resistant. If you do physical activities, we recommend these glasses.

Let's continue our research...

It will be important in your choice to consider the category of glass (category from 1 to 4). Indeed, the higher it is, the better your glasses will be adapted to very sunny weather.

It is true that you can sometimes get lost with all these different colours of sunglass screens. Blues, browns, pinks, yellows, etc., are all available. No matter what the colour, you will be equally protected. As for mirror effects? Just as colourful as the lenses, beyond this aesthetic aspect, they also have their protective effect. Your vision will be even better!

Especially if you get a lot of glare on your sailing escapes, there is a whole lot of glare. selection of nautical goggles to make up for all this unpleasantness and just for you.

And what better than a pair of sunglasses with photochromic and/or polarizing lenses to make your pair even more comfortable?

A pair that adapts to the light, or a lens that reduces glare and lets your eyes rest, here are all the advantages of selecting a technical pair that will get you through all seasons.

And if you are looking for an aesthetic pair to go with your everyday clothes, for your everyday life, we have selected a range of Fashionable glasses for all styles.

You also have a range of practical sports glasses for fitting but also for your bike outings cycling goggles designed for speed! These are usually glasses with a wrap-around shield to protect you from rain and bad weather.

Let's not forget our little ones, eye protection goes through the youngest age. children's glasses of any age.

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