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The water bottle ? an indispensable element during your sports sessions

The gourd is a major player in your workouts. Often the best friend of hikers, traileurs or cross-country skiers, this accessory is essential to your performance. Available in different forms such as flexible or steel, their use is the same: to hydrate you! You can also vary the styles with the colorful Picture modelsor the design of the SIGG water bottles.

Alpinstore takes care of you and offers you a wide choice of products, which meets multiple demands. Find out more about our water bottles ...

The advantages of a gourd

- Practicality: whatever the size, a gourd comes in a format that can be taken anywhere. This accessory can be used during your sports sessions, can accompany you on a walk in a backpack or keep you company at the office.

- Economical: the gourd can be reused as many times as you wish. In fact, once purchased, you can fill it with any drink, at any time and anywhere.

- Ecological: This hydration accessory does not pollute since it is a sustainable solution that respects the planet. No more plastic bottles that negatively impact our playground.

- Aesthetics: Much prettier than a plastic bottle, the gourd is an elegant element that will accompany you throughout your days for years to come.

Different types of gourds

Although the ultimate goal of this accessory is to hydrate you, there are different types of gourds. Indeed, there are plastic, glass and stainless steel water bottles. Even if it is preferable to avoid plastic or aluminum water bottles because they are not good for our planet, there are BPA-free water bottles, which means they are made of recycled plastic.

Glass bottles The latter is without any adverse health effects. On the other hand, it is heavier and more fragile than the others.

Stainless steel canteen Durable and isothermal: durable and isothermal, they allow you to keep your drink hot or cold. Klean Kanteen bottles offer type of gourd, on our site.

Children's canteen Alpinstore : Alpinstore also offers you gourds specially designed for children. Easy to use and unbreakable, your little one will love this accessory from the Sigg brand for example.

Water bottle for sport

As you know, it is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, but even more so during your workout. Alpinstore advises you on which water bottle to choose for your sport ...

- It is preferable to have a small capacity bottle to promote lightness and therefore performance.

- It is easier to drink quickly with a spout cap and not a screw cap. You will find them on Camelbak sports bottles.

- For optimum comfort, choose a water bottle with a hook . The Lifestraw brand will meet this demand.

-Katadyn Filter Bottles will be perfect to accompany you during your adventures in isolated places thanks to their ability to filter water!

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