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Choosing the right hiking pants

How to choose the right hiking pants? You may be wondering how hiking pants differ from other types of pants. Let us give you the lowdown!

First of all, the main feature of hiking pants is their comfort and freedom of movement. They're specially designed to give you ease of movement, so you'll feel right at home on your outings. Forget ordinary jeans, which may be protective but are often stiff and thick. Good hiking pants are designed to let you move freely.

Secondly, one of the key objectives of hiking pants is to promote the rapid evacuation of perspiration, so as to keep your legs dry even after a long, strenuous climb to a spectacular viewpoint. That's why it's important to consider two key criteria: the intensity of the effort and the weather conditions.

If you're planning an intense hike, with steep climbs and increased perspiration, it's advisable to choose pants with good breathability and rapid moisture wicking capacity. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester are often preferred for their breathability and fast-drying properties.

On the other hand, if you're planning a hike in changing or cooler weather conditions, you may opt for hiking pants with a thermal lining or weather resistance. These pants are generally made from waterproof or windproof materials to protect you from the elements.

In summary, to choose the right hiking pants, take into account your level of physical activity and the weather conditions you'll be facing. Look for pants that offer comfort, freedom of movement, moisture wicking and, if necessary, protection from the elements. With these criteria in mind, you'll be perfectly prepared to enjoy your hikes in complete peace of mind.

Depending on the intensity of effort

Before selecting a pair of hiking pants, it's important to consider the physical effort you'll be putting in. Consider the intensity of your hike. Take into account the difference in altitude, the length of your route and your personal physical condition, as everyone reacts differently to effort and perspiration.

If you're planning a demanding hike, with steep climbs and sustained physical activity, it's best to opt for pants offering excellent breathability and efficient moisture wicking. Lightweight, breathable technical fabrics such as nylon or polyester are often recommended in these situations, as they help to regulate perspiration.

On the other hand, if you're planning a more leisurely hike, with less intense exertion, you may prefer pants offering greater comfort and freedom of movement. Stretchy, casual pants can be a good option, as they allow greater mobility and let you enjoy your hike without constraints.

Don't forget to take into account your own sensitivity to perspiration and heat. Each individual has a different tolerance, so it's essential to choose pants that offer good moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your hike.

In short, by considering the intensity of your hike, your physical condition and your tolerance to perspiration, you'll be able to choose the right hiking pants that will provide the comfort and performance you need for your outdoor adventures.

For light effort

If you're planning a low-intensity hike, you can opt for pants that combine synthetic and natural fabrics, such as cotton. This blend gives you both the breathability of synthetic fabrics and the soft comfort of cotton.

When it comes to fit, choose a slightly looser cut to maximize comfort and freedom of movement. A loose fit will allow your legs to move easily and avoid any feeling of confinement or restriction during your hike.

It's also important to consider other factors such as the pants' resistance to chafing and tearing, as well as the presence of practical pockets for storing your small essentials.

Keeping these recommendations in mind, you'll be able to choose hiking pants suitable for low-intensity hiking, offering both comfort and functionality.

For sustained effort

If you expect to perspire profusely during your hike, or if the terrain is steep, it's advisable to opt for pants specially designed with technical materials. Fast-drying, breathable synthetic fibers are your best allies. These materials efficiently wick moisture away from your body, keeping your legs dry even during intense exertion.

Some pant models also incorporate elastane, offering greater stretch and freedom of movement. This feature will enable you to move with ease, even over rough terrain, ensuring your comfort while walking.

It's essential to choose pants that offer good breathability, quick drying and excellent mobility. These technical features will help you stay comfortable and enjoy your hike to the full, even in demanding conditions.

Don't forget to take into account other important criteria such as the pants' resistance to chafing and tearing, as well as the presence of practical pockets for storing your small essentials.

By taking these factors into account, you'll be able to choose a pair of hiking pants suited to more intense activity, meeting your needs in terms of comfort, breathability and freedom of movement.

For prolonged effort over several days

Our wide range of hiking pants will satisfy the needs of those who love bivouac treks. These pants are specially designed to offer great freedom of movement while providing adequate protection against changing weather conditions. No matter what challenges you face, we've got the ideal all-terrain pant for you.

By weather conditions

For winter

When hiking in winter, it's essential to choose pants that combine thermal insulation and moisture wicking. Your legs are with you all the way, and they deserve to be protected without being numbed by excess heat. That's why we recommend fleece-lined pants or trousers made from a thicker fabric with a brushed interior. These options offer both warmth and comfort, while allowing moisture to evaporate naturally.

It's also a good idea to choose water-repellent and waterproof pants to cope with all weather conditions, whether rain, snow or ambient humidity. This way, you'll stay protected from the elements while keeping your legs dry.

If you prefer to wear lighter pants, you can opt for wool tights underneath. Merino wool is particularly recommended for its exceptional thermal regulation properties. It will keep you at a comfortable temperature while wicking away moisture.

By following these tips, you'll be perfectly equipped to face winter hikes with confidence, with legs well insulated from the cold and effective perspiration management.

For summer

To protect you from sunburn, we recommend long-cut hiking pants, which offer natural protection for your legs. However, when hiking in summer, it's important to take into account increased perspiration. To cope with this situation, it's advisable to choose pants made from breathable fabrics or with specific ventilation zones. You can also opt for garments made from synthetic fibers, which are quick-drying, facilitating the evacuation of perspiration. By opting for these types of pants, you'll be able to take full advantage of your summer hikes while staying comfortable and dry.

For rain
When hiking, it's essential to be prepared for inclement weather, whether it's a light rain, a downpour or even a thunderstorm. In such situations, you have two options to consider:

The first is to wear waterproof pants that will effectively protect you from moisture. These pants are specially designed to keep you dry, whatever the weather conditions you're facing.

The other option is to opt for an overtrouser that you can wear over your hiking pants. These overtrousers are usually waterproof and feature openings at the bottom of the legs, making them easy to slip on quickly in the event of an unexpected shower or sudden downpour. They offer extra protection and can be removed once weather conditions improve.

By choosing one of these options, you'll be able to hike with complete peace of mind, even in the rain. Be sure to include waterproof pants or overtrousers in your hiking gear, so you can stay dry and enjoy your outdoor adventure to the full, whatever the weather conditions.
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