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Airbag backpack, the must-have for high-mountain excursions

An airbag backpack is an avalanche bag which is one of the most technical bags that exist. It offers avalanche safety in winter during your high mountain adventures. This bag is designed to keep you on the snow surface when an avalanche is triggered.

Before choosing this indispensable tool for your safety, you must know the information in these backpacks. When the avalanche occurs, a handle will be easily accessible for the airbag to be deployed. The airbag is a cushion that inflates within seconds all around your upper body to lift you above the snow and also protects your back and neck. There are different types of airbags:

-ABS system, which opens the side airbags explosively.

-System NOT enveloping like the airbag Mammut Pro X Removable

-Jetforce systemwith the Black diamond Jetforce UI Pack airbag bag

-Avabag, this system is typical of Ortovox airbag bags . The cushion inflates evenly in a semi-circle around the upper body. You can choose an avabag bag like Ascent, Crossrider,...

Reactor, a speciality of Arva airbags , inflates the balloon also in a semi-circle around the upper body for optimal protection of the skier.

In addition to its safety function, the airbag backpack is also practical. These backpacks have compartments to store your other equipment and have a specific pocket to house the airbag cartridge. Their weight varies according to the length of your excursions and your airbag system. Depending on the duration of your expedition, you will have to choose a bag with more or less bedding. Among the must-have airbag bags you can find the brands of airbag backpacks Mammut , arva, orthovox ...

Enjoy the snow, the mountains but your safety comes first, so equip yourself with your airbag backpack and hurtle down the slopes!

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