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ATV protection? Essential elements for your safety

Alpinstore takes care of you by offering you quality protection when you practice mountain biking. As explained in the "Bicycle" category, downhill mountain biking is a sport that is increasingly practiced even if it is dangerous. This is why it requires special equipment, with the sole aim of protecting the most fragile parts of the body.

In order to help you in your choices, we tell you more about the protections available on our site. The mark of protection Poc is our main supplier for this product category. Please note that we also offer some products for children.

- Knee pads: this protection, which is positioned on your knees, is today adapted to all practitioners. Several models exist since the knee pads can be flexible or rigid, cover only the knee or go down on your tibia, can be put on like trousers to wrap all around your leg or protect only the front / sides of your knee. The choice will simply depend on your desires.

- Elbow pad s: each person can find their ideal protection because here too, elbow pads are available in several models. Indeed, they can be more flexible, lighter, more reinforced depending on the model selected. The ideal is that this protection is tight enough to remain in position, despite the many jolts.

- Suspension sleeve/leg: These two models of protection are elbow pads and longer knee pads. We tell you just above that it was possible to have a protection that covers the entire contour of the knee and/or elbow. Well here they are. These models not only allow you to go around your limb, but also to cover your body over a longer distance. Nothing better for optimal protection.

- Upper body : Mainly dedicated to the craziest disciplines, the protective vest offers you an incredible security. It covers not only your torso but also your back. The freedom of movement is still there and ventilation will be the strong point of this product. The protective vest VPD System Chest of the Poc brand is a perfect illustration of this product range.

- Mountain bike goggles: to be efficient during your mountain bike descent, don' t forget your goggles. Even if it looks like a ski goggle, it has specific characteristics. The goggle Ora from Poc optimizes your field of vision and provides incredible ventilation. What better way to get down as quickly as possible?

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