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The water pocket, an exceptional accessory for your performance

Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of water pouches. But before you can proceed to the purchase act, it seems important to us that you have fully understood how to use it. What is the real purpose of a water pocket? We tell you more ...

The usefulness of the water pocket

A water bag is a pouch that can hold a certain volume of water and can be drunk through a pipe/pipe. It is easily carried in a backpack and often has a compartment specially designed for its presence. As mentioned above, its contents are accessible through a mouthpiece that you simply have to put in your mouth.

It's well and truly proven that athletes with a hydration pouch on them drink more regularly than someone who simply has a water bottle or flask. Indeed, this accessory allows you to drink without stopping with a capacity that varies from 1L to 3L. Look no further, Alpinstore offers the different hydrapak water pocket liters on his website!

But how to choose the right water pocket?

It all depends on your practice and the length of your outings. Indeed, the water capacity is the most important criterion but it will be chosen according to your habits. If you make small outings, then a 1.5L tank will suffice. On the other hand, it should be more important if you go on half-day or full-day hikes.

There are different shapes of water pockets. Although the majority of the models have a vertical elongated shape such as the Ultimate direction adaptable pockets In the backpack, there is one with a specific shape that allows you to put it against your lumbar vertebrae.

And after it's used?

First of all, you should avoid using any liquid other than water, in order to avoid any traces or taste the next time you use it.

Once you have made your outing, it is necessary to clean it. We know that this is not the most fun moment but it is a very important step for the life of your product.

When it is emptied, simply clean and rinse it several times and let it dry thoroughly. Finally, it's best to place your water pocket in your refrigerator until you use it again to prevent bacteria from developing.

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