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Mountaineering is a very popular activity for mountain lovers. It can be practiced in summer as well as in winter. Much more than just climbing to admire the landscape, this discipline combines sport, thrills and pleasure. It can take several forms, according to the desires of each one. The climbers thus evolve through specially prepared paths, which allows them to progress at their own pace. Whatever your level, sportsman or not, rock and glacier climbing will make you experience the same sensations. For a good introduction to mountaineering, it is advisable to equip yourself with the necessary equipment to face the cold and the wind. The mountaineering boot is a key element to enjoy your outing. There is nothing like a shoe that is too big, too small or not isolated enough to turn a dream into a nightmare!

Hiking shoes VS mountaineering shoes?

The choice of mountaineering shoes is a crucial step. In addition to protecting your feet, they play a decisive role by promoting excellent grip on the ground and allowing the foot to roll off smoothly. A bad choice could therefore be dangerous in certain situations. This is why it is important to take a few criteria into account when making your choice.

Alpinstore is here to help you make the right choice!

What distinguishes them from classic hiking boots are:

- their more imposing stature: whether they are made of leather or synthetic material, they will be thicker to provide complete thermal protection, and most of the time they will have a Gore-tex membrane, which will increase their weight.

- their higher upper: to provide maximum support and stability to the ankle.

- the rigidity of the soles: stiffer to provide maximum protection for the foot against shocks and guarantee maximum grip and stability during climbing as well as better transfer with the crampon.

- Comfort: where the comfort of the foot is a priority on a trekking boot for walking on trails with a loaded bag, on a mountaineering boot support and stability will be more important criteria to guarantee optimal safety whatever the terrain and the difference in height.

These boots are also thicker, the degrees of thermicity vary in order to offer mountaineers optimal protection.

The stone shields covering the front of the shoe help protect the feet from impacts. While all mountaineering boots have some fairly common features, some models are designed for a specific terrain and practice. The different models available on the market are divided into two categories, including shoes with semi-rigid soles and those with rigid soles. For beginners, the former will do the trick.

The best models of mountaineering shoes

All the models offered by Alpinstore are tested and approved in the field and are of very good quality: the choice of your model will depend above all on your type of practice.

  • For glacier trekking and the discovery of the discipline: Our selection La Sportiva will allow you to find the perfect pair of semi-rigid-soled shoes
  • For expeditions and ice climbing: opt for a rigid shoe.
  • For the highest summits and expert level practice: prefer a lined model that will give you the best thermal properties.

Some models very technical from the Scarpa brand will bring you maximum precision and thermal insulation while keeping an exceptional weight/heat ratio at only 730g the shoe!

Ladies, even though some top-of-the-range models may be mixed, equipment manufacturers also offer models adapted to women's morphologies. Here are some models:

Scarpa : model Charmoz, Ribelle...

La sportiva : model Tango Cube GTX

Dolomite : Miagemodel

Asolo : Elbrusmodel

Salewa : Crow GTXmodel

Alpinstore helps you in your choice thanks to the best manufacturers on the market: La Sportiva, Scarpa, Millet, Asolo, Mammut, Dolomite ,Salewa, ...

Don't hesitate to have a look at our selection of hiking boots.

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