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The essential rope bag to protect your equipment

Climbing requires specific equipment to guarantee safety and progress on climbing routes. The main element of this equipment is of course the rope which must be dynamic and resistant to friction. It is easy to understand why the rope bagis the essential tool. Ferrino climbing bags are perfect for carrying ropes and equipment during your outings.

The rope bags will protect your ropes during transport, from the dust of the ground, but will also allow you to store your small climbing equipment. The climbing backpack is specifically designed to give you maximum volume with minimum bulk. Suitable for carrying all your climbing gear during the approach walk and the climb, the climbing backpacks are particularly well thought out. Equipped with numerous pockets, the climbing bags will allow you to always have your guidebook and your small equipment at hand. At ease in all circumstances, you will be able to leave safely to the assault of the most beautiful cliffs and why not open new routes.

Among them, discover the Bugmodel from Petzl or the Trad model from Ortovox

A very large choice of climbing backpacks / rope bags at Alpinstore!

Shoulder strap, backpack, with or without padded straps, back support or not... the climbing bag/rope bag found at Alpinstore come in all sizes, more or less light and at all prices.

Climbing or mountaineering backpacks

In climbing, the constraints of the terrain are the same as in alpine climbing, so the most suitable backpacks for climbing are mountaineering backpacks. Indeed, these bags have no side pockets, a narrow shape so as not to hinder movement and are as compact as possible. They are equipped with ice axe holders and streamlined waistbands with straps for attaching equipment such as carabiners and quickdraws.

As for mountaineering, the climbing back pack must meet a precise set of specifications. The mountaineering backpack combines lightness and resistance, its accessorization is refined but not null and it is possible to hang equipment without risking to get stuck on the wall. To be as ergonomic as possible, your backpack should not exceed a volume of 35L, at the risk of unbalancing you during your progression. One of the key criteria for choosing your climbing back pack is its opening. Opt for a full opening so that you can access your equipment easily and quickly without emptying the whole bag.

A wide range of climbing / mountaineering backpacks at Alpinstore

To make the right choice you need to ask yourself :

- for what purpose and

- for how long the backpack will be worn (climbing, gear storage, sport climbing, big wall).

It is also important to plan the amount of equipment that will need to be carried in the climbing backpack. In addition to the basic equipment of a windproof jacket, water bottles and a first aid kit, climbing an icefall may require a full down-filled gear. To ensure that your climbing backpack is as comfortable as possible when you are looking for lightness, we recommend Black Diamond small, practical and light bags.

Alpinstore's little tips:

- share the load of the gear. After all, climbing is not a solo sport!

- The backpack in climbing is a form of guardian angel that can save you from missteps. It is essential to have a complete backpack to avoid hindering your progress in the rope party

- pack your bag the day before, to avoid forgetting equipment or other accessories

- check the content of your backpack before each outing

- do not take a bag that is too big! You will tend to fill it with non essential things. Beware, you will have to carry it afterwards!

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