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Friends climber, discover our different equipments for bouldering, not to be neglected for optimized performances! Chalk bag, training holds, liquid, powder or ball chalk, bouldering brush... our bouldering category is waiting for you.

Magnesia, what is it ? how to choose ?

Magnesium carbonate, more commonly known as magnesia, is used in several disciplines, including climbing. It allows the athlete to dry out his hands and therefore not slip on a hold. It is just as important as a harness or ropes since it considerably reduces the risk of falling. It exists in different forms, which all have advantages and defects, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your practice and your desires.

Powdered magnesia : This form of chalk is the best known. It is carried in a chalk bag attached to the harness or around the waist, making it easy to access for the climber. Moreover, it is better for your hands and dries them out less in the long run. Discover our different models as well as storage bags of the Black Diamond brand

Liquid magnesia: Unlike powder, liquid chalk dries your hands more but is not volatile at all. It is therefore more suitable for indoor use as it is less messy for the grips.

Even so, if you prefer to use powdered chalk indoors, you can equip yourself with our different bouldering brushes, in order to respect the other climbers by leaving a perfectly clean room!

Finally, for the most hardcore climbers, who can 't do without climbing, train on a real Max Climbing beam equipped with several holds, adding some training holds, and become stronger than ever!

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