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Alpinstore also loves fashion and the world of sportswear: discover a wide range of versatile mountain/sport/town sneakers. Sneakers to accompany you every day in all seasons.

Sneakers have become an integral part of fashion and urban culture. With the selection Alpinstore choose the style and comfort of Columbia sneakers.

They're more than just a fashion statement. They are synonymous with comfort and foot protection. High or low, supple or semi-rigid, they have a shape well suited to walking or physical effort. Of course, they are also aesthetically pleasing in the colours of the season and imagined according to increasingly innovative codes. These new generation sneakers can be worn with jogging or gym shorts as well as with jeans or beachwear. It's up to you to see how to combine them!

Town shoes, for all looks and all desires, all styles are represented. The advantage of the Lifestyle selection is that it offers choice for all seasons: canvas or leather shoes, lined or unlined, waterproof or breathable, etc... technical shoes yes, but trendy!


What we like at Alpinstore is to find the little gems present in the different sports brands to always offer you the best. Our town footwear is no exception to our policy and, despite its simple appearance, has a certain number of technical characteristics. We focus above all on comfort with anti-heating insoles, mainly in leather; fabrics that are more resistant over time than simple town shoes; flexible but robust mid-soles so that your shoes will last. Opt for Dolomite heavy-duty sneakers.

Always on the lookout for new brands, Alpinstore also works with some of the city's shoe must-haves: Hoka, Columbia and many others. Lifestyle shoes are hand-picked to always bring you a little added value: anti-heat sole, breathability of the shoe, support for your foot, robustness against wear and tear... everything to make your shoes comfortable and durable!

How to choose your skate shoes

If there were only a few things to remember when choosing your skate shoes, you would choose flexibility, technicality, cushioning and aesthetics. DC Shoes or Vans skate shoes devote a large part of their revenues to research to improve user performance and experience. Leading brands reveal their creativity by adding surprising details to their models. Classic, vintage or resolutely original, sneakers boost the look and become the focal point of the outfit.

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