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A good pair of road bike shoes? Comfort and performance!

AlpinstoreThe company, which specialises in the sale of outdoor sporting goods, offers a wide range of cycling shoes , particularly for road cycling but also for the use of the road bike. mountain bike shoes. For comfortable and pain-free rides, choose high-performance cycling shoes. We tell you more about this product ...

What are the technical characteristics to be taken into account?

When you buy road bike shoes, first of all, it is important to define your level of practice (leisure, regular or intense). This will allow you to choose the sole of your bike shoe.

The sole

Indeed, if you ride road bikes for leisure/occasional use, you should favour a semi-rigid sole since it makes walking easier when you are not on your bike. On the other hand, if you are a regular/intense rider, then favour rigid soles to improve your pedaling efficiency. We offer Vaude eco-friendly road bike shoes for your comfort.

The setting

The adjustment system is extremely important as it helps to keep your foot in place. As you have understood, the tightening must be precise and efficient. Today, there are 3 types of tightening which are all quite distinct. For a precise and efficient tightening, you should favour the velcro or knurled systems.

Adjustment by velcro/scratch tape is the one most used by cyclists because it is easy to use and is very light.

The wheel system ensures a uniform, precise and efficient clamping. The comfort is therefore optimal.

Tightening with laces is the least used system but guarantees a clean look.

The comfort

If you want to cover a lot of miles on your road bike rides, opt for light and rigid shoes. Your foot must be well supported for efficient pedalling. The shoe must wrap your foot sufficiently to avoid blisters that could interfere with your activity.

You now know all about road cycling shoes, so the cards are in your hands to choose the right model for you.

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