Sponsor your friends, your family by giving them the benefit

a voucher of 5 € from 50 € of purchases

Godson : 5 € reduction from 50 € of order


Sponsor: 4% of the amount of the order

Sponsorship Program

Sports fan? Want to make money or get your favorite sports items cheaper? Sponsor your family, friends or co-workers make them benefit from a voucher of 5 € from 50 € of purchase (valid 1 year and cumulative with the other discounts in progress). In return, you accumulate 4% of the amount of the order of your godson on your loyalty account.

When your godson has made his first order, you will be rewarded (same scenario for his future orders). You are also rewarded, when your godson sponsors his friends, (1% of the amount of the order of his godchildren will be paid into your loyalty account). Your godson will benefit from the classic conditions of the sponsorship program is 4%.

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AlpinStore sponsorship program, how does it work?

How to benefit?

For this, you only have to:

  • Create a customer account and login, or sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google +1 account
  • Go to the "Sponsorship Program" section of your account
  • You can then invite your friends by mail, through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G + 1)
  • You can also post a referral link on your Blog, Website or Forum
  • Or you can give your email address or sponsor code to enter during registration.

You will also be able to consult the follow-up of the registrations of your godchildren as well as the cumulation of the orders and the commissions of which you benefit.

It is strictly forbidden to post referral codes on discount code sites or similar sites.