Where can I find the size of my sole for the bindings?

Length of the sole of your ski boot

The length of the sole of your boot is the actual length of your ski boot, in millimetres. This is the number that our ski technicians will use to mount your bindings. Although you still need a final adjustment before you can ski, providing us with your boot sole length is absolutely crucial if you want us to send your skis pre-assembled with your bindings.

Where to find it?

Finding your sole size is easy. On your ski boot there is a 3 digit number on the outside or inside heel of one or both of your boots. Keep in mind that there should be no decimal places (e.g. 28.5). If the number you see has one decimal place, then you are probably looking at the size of your Mondo stitch, which is not accurate enough to be used when mounting bindings. Other clues that you are looking at the Mondo Point and not the size of the sole would be if it looks something like "270/275" or if the number is on the bottom of the shoe.

The size of the sole will never be written on the bottom of the boot. If you've looked everywhere and still can't find your sole size, it is also acceptable to measure along the bottom of the boot from the toe to the back of the heel - just make sure you measure in millimetres!

Sole Length ≠ Mondopoint size

The Mondopoint size is the generic size used by each manufacturer. Think of it as a size, like a "size 11" for example. The length of the sole of the boot is the literal length from the toe to the heel of the boot, measured in millimetres. It is quite possible and very common for boots with the same Mondo stitch to have different boot sole lengths.

Because ski bindings need to be assembled accurately, it is crucial that they are assembled with the sole length and not the Mondopoint size.

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