1. Choosing your glasses :

  • The right size is all about comfort:

Wearing your glasses with optimal comfort is first and foremost choosing the right size. Glasses that are too small will produce a very unpleasant compression at the temples and even cause headaches. Glasses that are too large or too wide can slip down your nose and fall out. If the glasses are made of plastic or acetate, you can easily adjust the temples yourself.

You should also take into account the feeling you get when wearing them: glasses that are too large, as is very fashionable this year, can make them look bulky or too heavy. Try several models in a shop, even if you intend to buy them on the internet, it will give you a better idea of the size and shape that really suits you! ...

  • How to choose the right size :

For the glasses to fit perfectly (eye size, bridge width, temple length), the frame must be as close to the face as possible and must rest properly on the bridge of the nose.

If you have the opportunity to try on the glasses: Bend down and turn your head from right to left to check that they do not fall out and that the size is correct for you. It sounds silly as it is, but this simple test is irrevocable!

If you can't try them on, especially if you buy your glasses on the internet: write down the numbers given by the seller. The more information you have about the measurements, the better.

Then compare it with any pair of glasses you've ever worn.

  • Where can you find the dimensions of the glasses?

All the dimensions of the glasses are in millimetres and are usually written on the inside of one of the temples or on the inside of the bridge.

Example: you will find the following numbers: 55-25-140

55 = glass diameter

25 = distance between the 2 glasses

140 = the length of the branches

The unit of measurement is millimetres (mm).

2- Choosing your sunglasses :

  • All our glasses are CE marked
  • All our glasses are 100% UV
  • Choose polycarbonate lenses, which are light and resistant.
  • Wraparound goggles offer the best protection because they prevent UV rays from passing to the side.
  • Polarized lenses are a plus and avoid glare.
  • In the mountains, choose excellent protection: the sun is dangerous, especially on snow.
  • Snow reflects 85% of ultraviolet rays, the proportion of which increases by 10% at each 1,000-metre level of altitude.

Classification of protections :

  • 0 - Clear or very lightly tinted glass : Interior / Sky veiled.
  • 1 - Slightly tinted glass : Attenuated solar luminosity.
  • 2 - Moderately tinted glass : Average solar luminosity ==> little luminosity
  • 3 - Dark glass : Strong solar luminosity ==> ideal for the mountain and skiing
  • 4 - Very dark glass: Exceptional solar luminosity/not to be worn when driving ==> ideal for high mountains and glaciers (not allowed to drive)

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