Chère communauté Alpinstore,

In this period of confinement, it is now IMPERATIVE to stay at home to protect all those exposed to the risk, first of all to care for us, feed us and meet our basic needs. It is also VITAL to protect our elders, our loved ones and ourselves because the virus can affect us all.

Yet our common passion for the outdoors, sport, nature and effort complicates our relationship with the sofa, the fridge and the 4 walls that surround us far from our mountains. So Alpinstore takes the bet to accompany you in this period of confinement to stay in shape with our partner O pilates - Brignais (69)!


The O Pilates studio and its teachers will be offering us during the next few weeks - as this is unfortunately likely to continue - fundamental exercises in the form of a video to get to know your body better and stay in shape. Whether you have a passion for trail running, climbing, mountaineering, trekking, running or simply family hiking, these exercises are for you.


For who could possibly have power over "our body and mind," eh, WHO?

Joseph Hubertus Pilates - and yes, there is a man behind this holistic method - draws some of the principles of his method from his own experiences ... of confinement. Suffering from chronic asthma, he was "locked" in his lungs and forced into respiratory confinement; during the First World War, he was taken prisoner on the Isle of Man (UK) and forced into a confinement of body and mind. Despite all this, Joe Pilates (yes, that's what we call him among insiders) became an accomplished sportsman in skiing, diving, yoga, boxing and gymnastics. So, he would have - and his method has - a place here, between us, a community of true natures gathered around Alpinstore.

To learn Pilates is to learn self-control, to learn "Contrology ©" which Joe Pilates defines as "a global method involving mind, body and spirit".

Every Thursday, Alpinstore gives you an appointment with the team of the Studio O’Pilates.

Lionel - Founder from Studio O'PIlates, Nicolas and Virginie will suggest some Pilates exercises, more or less advanced, to keep you upright, fit and formless. Discovering the Pilates method is also crossing other sports universes such as stretching, yoga, Taï Chi or the floor bar. The commitment of your centre, your abs, the "In, up & forward"... all these terms that once acquired you will be able to integrate into your favourite sport routine ... yes yes soon! if we all play the game of solidarity and strict respect of the confinement instructions.

Alpinstore is committed to providing you with advice on good Pilates practice.

On the program today, 2 videos :

  • Pilates basics - Exercices mat : Lionel


  • Yoga initiation with your children and Emma 4 ... " and a half "

Our brand recommended by O'Pilates : 


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Our Partners for these Pilates Thursdays :


Studio O'pilates

and its professors : 

Nicolas Gonon –
Virginie LABRUE -