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The Smartwool community brings together people who believe that outdoor activities are important, restorative and essential for everyone.

When Smartwool started making socks in 1994, the founders' goal was simply to stop having cold feet so they could ski longer. That's when they discovered the exceptional properties of merino wool. Softer than any other type of wool they knew, it wicks moisture, regulates body temperature (providing warmth in cold weather and coolness in hot weather), is a renewable material and neutralizes odors. Merino wool socks kept feet dry longer than the synthetic fiber socks worn by the founders at the time. Merino wool has proven to be so extraordinary that we use it in almost all of our products today.


As the first outdoor company to make performance ski socks from merino wool, we revolutionized this category for outdoor enthusiasts. Our brand is built entirely on the desire to provide comfort to the outdoor adventurer. We've made it our mission to push the boundaries of the experience and allow you to enjoy the outdoors as often as possible. This mission guides everything we do, from our merino wool sourcing to our environmental advocacy program to our sock and apparel design techniques.

We are a group of insatiable outdoor adventurers, eager to share with everyone the joy of freshly fallen powder turns, strenuous climbs, well-deserved summit sunrises, hikes on pine needle-lined trails, and weekends spent roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

We share it all by creating merino wool clothing designed to help you go far and feel good. We help people experience beautiful, powerful moments in the outdoors by eliminating all the distracting elements, like wet underwear and blisters on their feet, so they can focus on the adventures ahead.

We exist to enable you to enjoy your daily adventures, whether it's walking your dog in freezing weather or climbing an uncharted Himalayan peak.


We believe that in order for everyone to enjoy nature, it is essential to preserve the resources and beauty of the environment for future generations. For us, that means making more sustainable clothing.

In everything we do, from product design to supply chain, we are taking steps to produce more sustainable wool and adopt sustainable sourcing solutions. In partnership with ZQ Merino, we ensure that the sheep from which we source wool are treated with respect, that wool producers are treated fairly, and that farms strive to reduce their environmental footprint. In addition, we support the protection of the lands and outdoor activities we love by partnering with environmental organizations whose values match our own, such as ZQ Merino. This partnership is focused on developing practices that respect the environment and the welfare of merino sheep, while ensuring a sustainable economy for our farmers.

We are also re-evaluating our supply chain. We discovered that waste materials from our merino 250 wool garments can be used as insulation for our Smartloft items. This gave us the opportunity to review every step of our supply chain. We are now taking every step necessary to ensure that we don't miss an opportunity to make sustainable wool clothing and socks.

In addition, we are using recycled materials in certain types of fleece to further reduce our environmental footprint and take advantage of the performance benefits of wool. We are also exploring other ways to reduce and reuse textile materials in the manufacture of more items.

At Smartwool, we are committed to continuing our efforts to produce sustainable garments that are environmentally friendly and offer exceptional performance.


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