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MERRELL: shoes for outdoor enthusiasts

Merrell was founded more than 30 years ago in the United States, originally producing boots for cowboys, which soon evolved into hiking boots to focus on what nature has to offer. The brand's mantra is: "Make your mark on the vast spaces of the world. Run. Jump. Trot. Stumble against a root and skin your knees. But never forget: Stay natural. "

MERRELL: a sustainable approach

Sustainability is at the heart of sustainable development at Merrell. The brand prides itself on creating products that are durable over time, which means fewer products in the waste stream over time. Durable soles, the use of superior materials such as leather and textiles that are designed to be abrasion resistant and durable, the use of recycled materials, including EVA, are just some of the things Merrell is doing to reduce its impact on the environment.

Our Merrell selection

Merrell will accompany you in all your outdoor adventures. In the summer, you can put on sandals with a sole for hiking in warm weather. You can also put on Merrell's hiking boots, trail boots, or trekking shoes. Comfort, lightness, technicality will be there.

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