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Falke is a family-owned company founded in 1895 in Germany. We are daydreamers, driven by a deep conviction in aesthetics and lifestyle that we express openly. We know that perfection in design can take many forms, but we are true to our personal preferences. Thus, different groups form around lifestyles, consumption patterns or aesthetic trends that reveal specific ritual behaviors, without being elitist. These customized worlds are fascinating for their singularity.

In the FALKE universe, we are surrounded by multilingual travelers, stubborn individualists, curious people eager to discover, fanatical perfectionists, delicate creatives and incorrigible aesthetes. Their visual environment, their habitat and their style of dress reflect their inner nature. We feel in tune with them, and we are committed to realizing their aesthetic vision by creating sweaters, bodysuits, fine tights and socks of exceptional craftsmanship. We are far from a daydream, as we strive to translate their shared ideal into reality, with harmonious designs, carefully selected fabrics and colors.


For 125 years, we at FALKE have always sought to preserve our expertise in foot and leg wear by developing a unique product line. To achieve this, we have worked with passionate employees who are experts in their field and who control complex knitting machines with as much care as a handmade tool. They also collaborate with craftsmen who possess the know-how of the old hosiery traditions, based on precise and meticulous work.

Our craftsmen are experts in their field and know where to find the best materials, whether it's alpaca, cashmere, camel hair, silk, merino wool or Peruvian pima cotton. We also have talented designers who master shapes, colors, patterns and textures to create unique products.

We now cater to all those who believe that luxury is about being able to afford the best, not something superficial. We believe that luxury is knowing that there is nothing better. Every day, by putting on a pair of our socks, our customers can feel that little moment of renewed happiness.
We are sure that our customers will talk about it around them...


The management of hazardous chemicals is a major concern in the textile industry, especially with regard to the treatment of wastewater generated by the chemical processes used for dyeing and material treatment. In order to minimize the use of chemicals in our factories and those of our partners, we are constantly working on innovative processes. We ensure that all chemicals used in the manufacture of our products meet the European Union's REACh regulatory standards. We are also engaged in a global initiative to reduce harmful substances in the manufacturing process, conducting wastewater analyses for all our wet-process plants and requiring valid analyses for external plants.

With regard to climate protection, we take our responsibility seriously and strive to minimize our greenhouse gas emissions. We started measuring our carbon footprint in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in 2021, and use the results to define short-, medium- and long-term measures to reduce our emissions. These results are shared with our team and we plan and track the implementation of our sustainability actions.


Alpinstore specialist in outdoor products, invites you to discover its selection. Here, we propose you mainly textile for a sporting practice.

Ideal to please you during your physical efforts whether it is intense or daily. The Falke range seems perfect for you.

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