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A bit of history

Haglöfs was founded by a visionary man with dreams. Wiktor Haglöf

The company has been built on strong values: reliability, curiosity and pride.

Reliabilityguarantees that Haglöfs material is durable, functional and resistant. Curiosity comes from the tendency to constantly self-evaluate to become even more innovative and relevant. Pride comes from the passion to design Haglöfs equipment for your looks, comfort or performance. Haglöfs wants to encourage people to discover nature.

It is important for Haglöfs to support you in your outdoor activities, even if your outdoor experience is a camping weekend once a year or a polar expedition.

The Haglöfs' promise is to provide the most reliable experience for anyone who wants to dominate the elements.

The L.I.M. Range

At Alpinstore you can find the iconic Haglöfs L.I.M. range, which is as light as possible: The L.I.M. Range

For twenty years, the L.I.M. Range has been spearheadinginnovative lightweight hikingequipment.

  • The first L.I.M Mid Roundneck layer

It's the lightest intermediate layer there is. The second-skin comfort and soft outer surface also allow you to use it as a first layer. Thanks to the flat seams, the fabric will not crease or cause friction. And the soft, stretchy fabric we used in its manufacture makes it comfortable, versatile and suitable for any type of activity.

  • L.I.M Essens Jacket Insulation

Pure lightness. This jacket offers optimal warmth and is lightweight thanks to its ultra-light and resistant fabric design and its high quality goose down filling 800 CUIN. Processed water-repellent and so well water-proofed that it stays dry for 10,000 minutes of exposure to moisture.

  • The L.I.M. Jacket

The new L.I.M. jacket is so light you won't even know it's in your bag. But everything changes when you put it on: it's waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. The abrasion-resistant inner surface makes it more comfortable to wear and lets it slide over the other layers and the skin.

  • The L.I.M Low proof eco outdoor shoe

The shoe trekking lightdeveloped with our PROOF™ Eco. Elaborated from a breathable mesh with a waterproof finish. It also belongs to the L.I.M. where Haglöfs is banking on a lightness without sacrificing performance and durability. Reinforcements added on key areas and designed with a clean, uncluttered design.

  • The L.I.M 25 Backpack

Don't be fooled by this incredibly light hiking backpack. No aspect of its comfort and support has been sacrificed.

Innovation green: Mimic insulation

Alpinstore highlights the latest innovation from Haglöfs: MIMIC Insulation - Warmer Faster thanks to the use of the Nobel Prize winning material graphene. A revolutionary carbon-based technology that allows clothes to warm up faster and retain their warmth longer.

This insulation allows you to :

  • Warm you up quickly thanks to the impregnated graphene for better thermal conductivity.
  • Resist low temperatures: an insulating layer that retains heat as long as possible.
  • To be highly compact with an excellent Insulation / Weight ratio.

Products with this technology

The Roc Mimic comforter - Woman The Spire Mimic comforter -WomanThe Spire Mimic comforter-Man

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