Since the company was founded in 1980, ORTOVOX has been fully committed to the protection of mountains and mountaineers. The mountains are the place where we feel good, the place that gives us strength, that inspires us. If not us, who will bear the responsibility to protect them? This is what the brand wants to do by making fair trade and sustainable products. And to act with you, the mountain lovers, to protect together what we all love so much.

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Winter collection 2022/23 Ortovox becomes climate neutral

The goal of the Ortovox brand is clear: to become totally climate neutral and reduce its carbon emissions on site and in the supply chain! They are working relentlessly to minimize their footprint in all areas: to reduce before compensating!

The Ortovox brand has set itself a target date of 2024, but Ortovox's activity will be climate neutral one year earlier, in 2023.

History of the Ortovox brand's climate protection actions

To show its progress, over time:

WINTER 21/22
The freeride and Swisswool collections are completely climate neutral.

The climbing collection is completely climate neutral.

WINTER 22/23
The entire ORTOVOX collection is climate neutral.

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The new challenge for the Ortovox brand

80% of ORTOVOX's carbon footprint is generated by the supply chain and it is particularly complex. Ortovox is looking to implement and initiate as many changes as possible for a more sustainable production from the bottom of the production chain, but it is a big challenge. It requires a lot of detailed work and close collaboration with manufacturers, as well as a rapprochement with other manufacturers. But the brand is not letting up and says, " Together we can make things happen! "
While waiting to succeed in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain, the Ortovox brand is launching directly traceable offset projects.
For this purpose, the brand is partnering with the climate protection professional"ClimatePartner". ClimatePartner helps Ortovox to draw up its carbon footprint, to calculate its footprint transparently and to identify serious projects to offset CO2 emissions.

Discover the new Ortovox ski touring collection

To all mountain lovers, what if you were to fall for your fully responsible mountain outfit. Find the Ortovox men's winter jackets.

Enjoying the mountains safely requires knowledge, skills and the right equipment. But it also requires real awareness. Anyone who ventures into the mountains is responsible for themselves, others and nature. For ORTOVOX, the path is clear: in addition to the climate-neutral FREERIDE collection, the SKITOUR collection is now also 100% CLIMATE NEUTRAL and made from fair, sustainable and intelligent materials:
  • - Pollutant-free
  • - Natural insulation with merino wool
  • - Recycled materials
  • - Made mostly in Europe and for some in Germany (the DVA Diract Voice)
  • - Recycled wool


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