PROTACT2024 - ORTOVOX's Sustainable Development Strategy: Protecting what we love

For ORTOVOX, protecting the environment and communities is essential to preserving the natural spaces we love so much. With this in mind, the brand has drawn up its sustainable development strategy, PROTACT2024. Based on its core values, this initiative aims to combine existing efforts with binding targets to be achieved by 2024. Here's an overview of the priority areas and objectives ORTOVOX has set itself to promote a sustainable future.

1. Animal welfare: Objective 100% OWP by 2024

At ORTOVOX, animal welfare is a core concern. The brand uses 100% mulesing-free wool and its merino wool farms are certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). However, ORTOVOX has gone a step further by developing its own standard, ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE (OWP), which sets even higher standards for animal welfare and sustainability.

ORTOVOX maintains close relationships with its partners, and regularly organizes round tables to discuss challenges and find innovative solutions. This collaborative approach has earned ORTOVOX the title of "Mulesing Free Champion" awarded by the animal protection organization 4 PAWS. The brand is committed to full transparency in all its supply chain processes.

2. Social Responsibility: Maintaining FWF Leader Status

For the fifth year running, ORTOVOX has been awarded Leader Status by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), an independent organization that defends working conditions in the textile industry. The brand maintains long-standing relationships with its suppliers and ensures that they meet high social standards, regularly monitored by independent auditors.

ORTOVOX aims to maintain this status by continuously improving production planning and guaranteeing decent wages and a safe working environment. As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles (BÜNDNIS FÜR NACHHALTIGE TEXTILIEN), ORTOVOX strives to improve chemical and environmental management at all its producers.

3. Supply chain : 60% production in Europe

ORTOVOX has set itself the target of producing at least 60% of its volumes in Europe by 2024. Currently, 49.33% of its products are made in Europe. The brand also values the skills of its long-standing Asian partners, with whom it maintains relationships of trust and close collaboration.

4. Climate Protection: Climate Neutrality and Emissions Reduction

Since winter 2022/2023, all ORTOVOX products have been climate-neutral. The brand works with ClimatePartner to measure, analyze and minimize its carbon footprint. ORTOVOX aims to reduce its emissions by 42% by 2030, notably by optimizing the consumption of energy, water and raw materials in its supply chain.

To offset unavoidable emissions, ORTOVOX supports climate protection projects, such as the development of wind power in Asia.


5. Environmental protection: 100% PFC-free

As a pioneer in safety, ORTOVOX is committed to using PFC (perfluorocarbon)-free materials in all its products from summer 2023. PFCs, while highly effective at repelling water and dirt, present significant environmental risks. ORTOVOX has therefore worked with developers to find alternatives that meet its protection and functionality requirements.

6. Product durability and longevity

Since 1988, ORTOVOX has been synonymous with quality and durability. The brand develops products that are both repairable and durable, thus promoting a long service life. Its 'Second Life' initiative focuses on the maintenance, repairability and recycling of used products.

ORTOVOX offers tips and tricks for extending the life of its products through the ProtACT Academy. In addition, its 2ND-LIFE SHOP offers reconditioned or repaired items, prolonging their useful life.

Partnerships and initiatives

ORTOVOX is proud to collaborate with various organizations to promote sustainable practices, including :

  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Alliance for Sustainable Textiles
  • Climate Partner
  • European Outdoor Conservation Association

These partnerships reinforce ORTOVOX's commitment to protecting the environment and supporting fair working conditions in the textile industry.
Together, let's protect what we love.