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A child in a helmet is a protected child.

Alpinstore offers a wide range of ski helmets specially designed for children. Indeed, it seems important to us to protect children when falls are very frequent. As adults are increasingly adopting ski helmets, children need to wear one all the more since they are often the ones most impacted by falls/shocks.

Even if, as you know, a ski helmet does not completely protect against injuries, it does prevent some injuries. So why leave your child on skis without a helmet? Alpinstore invites you to read the next few lines to convince you.

Helmets for children become an absolute necessity

Although no obligation is given, the wearing of a ski helmet is strongly recommended for both adults and children. As the equipment evolves from year to year, it becomes very efficient and contributes to more violent falls. This is why it is essential to wear a ski helmet.

Putting a ski helmet on your child is a matter of course. Whether it is with or without visor, all are ultra protective and provide incredible comfort. Here are the advantages of wearing a ski helmet:

- Protection : protect your little one's head in case of fall and shock

- Security: reducing impact injuries

- Comfort: Keeps your child's head warm and dry, even in bad weather.

- Adaptable to all : children wearing glasses or not, Alpinstore offers helmets for all tastes and needs.

The different models of children's ski helmets

On the current market, there are two distinct models of ski helmets. Since a few winters, the visor helmet has been growing in popularity and can be found everywhere on the slopes. This is why it has been declined for children.

Children's visor helmets :

This allows a "two-in-one" system since the visor that replaces the mask is directly integrated on the helmet. Its use is very simple because you only have to put on your helmet to have your complete equipment. The visor is very easy to handle and use, even for the smallest children.

The helmet with visor can be presented with soft ears, different screens, a clamping system under the chin and various ventilation systems. The choice is yours!

For this category of helmet, go to the Bollé, Cairn, Julbochildren's ski helmets or Rossignol. Your little tips will be fully protected while being trendy on the slopes.

The classic children's helmet :

This is a classic helmet with the same technical features as a visor helmet, without the "two-in-one" system. Indeed, once the helmet is placed on your child's head, it will be necessary to add eye protection, such as a ski goggle or sunglasses.

The classic ski helmet has soft ears, a rigid shell, a tightening system under the chin for a perfect fit even in case of a fall and more or less ventilation. The choice of all its options is yours!

The helmet. Pocito Auric Cut from Poc is a good example for high ventilation.

For this category of helmet, go to Bollé, Cairn, Cébé, Giro, Julbo, Poc, Rossignol or Scott. Your little ones will be safe and elegant in front of their ski instructor.

The different categories of visor

Since the visor replaces the goggle, it has the same characteristics as a ski goggle. Indeed, the screens can be different since a category is associated with the intensity of the luminosity.

- Category 1 : glass with a light tint that is perfect for very low light days (fog for example).

- Category 2 glass with an intermediate tint which is ideal when the weather is cloudy.

- Category 3 : glass with a dark tint that allows you to see properly on sunny days. Let's take the example of the Electron visor at Cairn.

- Category 4 : glass with a very dark tint, often used on glaciers or at high altitudes.

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