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Canyoning is an outdoor activity combining three sporting approaches: walking, climbing and swimming in white water. The practice of canyoning starts with a walk, more or less long to reach the canyon. The goal of the canyoning is to follow the progression of the watercourse with phases of swimming in white water and progressions on ropes, in particular in abseiling.
Canyoning allows you to enter the heart of the mountain and discover unsuspected landscapes: waterfalls, caves and hollows, natural slides...
To fully enjoy your outdoor trip, we recommend that you choose your canyoning equipment carefully: harness, helmets, canyoning shoes, headlamps, waterproof bags, semi-static ropes ....
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Canyoning is an activity that takes place in a natural environment, that's why you should not neglect your safety. You will need individual safety equipment including: a climbing helmet, a harness, two lanyards and a descender. Let's take a look at these essentials together!
  • Protecting your head is a necessity and the starting point for your canyoning equipment! The climbing helmet is perfectly adapted to canyoning thanks to its lightness and its effective protection qualities against small rock falls and involuntary impacts against the wall. At the same time, new technologies make it possible to acquire light but resistant canyoning helmets. And for even more comfort, some models of canyoning helmets are designed with materials allowing a quick drying.
  • the canyoning harness. Composed of a belt at the waist and different equipment holders, it allows you to fix all your canyoning equipment such as your quickdraws, your descenders or your different carabiners. Very resistant and easy to put on, some of these climbing harnesses also have canvas straps so as not to damage the breeches They are made of canvas so as not to alter the neoprene... and thus guarantee a long life for your canyoning suit. The models are adjustable and adaptable to your morphology, with a wide choice of canyoning harnesses for women or men.
  • Finally, the lanyards and descender allow you to be autonomous throughout the course, as well as to ensure the connection between the harness (thus you) and the lifelines. Petzl, Camp, Kong or Edelrid canyoning lanyards like climbing and mountaineering lanyards are particularly resistant with excellent abrasion protection. However, they do not have an energy absorber, so they are not versatile: canyoning and caving only. As for descenders, there is a wide range offering multiple braking positions. This is notably the case of the Pirana model from Petzl which offers 3 braking positions and has two additional braking lugs (two return points), thus allowing better control of the descent speed.

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Caving is the ideal way to discover the underground world. Underground cavities

caves, lava tunnels, troglodytes or underground quarries, Alpinstore offers a wide range of products to explore the depths and the hidden face of Mother Nature.

Find all the material and equipment necessary to the practice of caving: harnesses, ropes, blockers and descenders, carabiners....


In canyoning, caving or kayaking, the backpack is very useful to easily carry safety equipment, emergency equipment, supplies but also to keep with you your canyoning equipment: ropes, anchors, descenders, blockers ...
This is why Alpinstore advises you to opt for a waterproof backpack to ensure the integrity of your equipment. By protecting your equipment from water and humidity, you will indeed protect it from premature wear and tear and at the same time guarantee your safety! Completely waterproof, the canyon bags are generally all designed in PVC coating, with thermo-bonded seams and roller closures. Alpinstore offers you different models of waterproof bag 30L, 40L or 50L able to answer all your expectations! You should also know that some of our waterproof bags are designed to facilitate the evacuation of water. Thus, the weight of your backpack does not increase with the weight of the water. These bags are commonly known as mesh bags. On the other hand, to keep your belongings completely dry, you should opt for small waterproof storage bags, a waterproof bag or a waterproof canister.

Alpinstore has teamed up with the best on the market PETZL, EDELRID, KONG, TENDON, BLACK DIAMOND or CAMP to offer you new outdoor experiences!

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