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Pole, the essential accessory for your outings

Sticks have become an indispensable part of many sports activities: find them for Nordic walking, trail and your trekking tours.

Why use a Pole?

Whether it is to relieve your joints and muscles, poles will allow you to improve your performance during your activities.

The use of a hiking pole will allow your joints to relieve the pressure emitted by the weight of your body and your equipment during your outings. The longer your outing, the more essential the use of walking poles will be for your joints (knees, hips, ankles, ...) to limit the risk of injury.

The other advantages of a pole is to maintain stability, you will have a better balance with two extra support points, perfect to limit slipping in uneven places.

The pole allows you to improve your posture, further on we give you some tips to properly adjust its size. This will help you to have a straighter back and naturally improve your posture with adjusted poles.

How to choose the right stick? Find the right stick for your sport by following our tips below!

Advantages for different sports

Nordic walkingis a recent activity where the stick is indispensable during your outings. Fast walking helps to tone you up and the poles help to calm your muscular tensions. In trail running, the poles improve your performance, to go faster while ensuring stability and safety during your ascents and descents. For hiking and trekking, the poles help you maintain stability while limiting your fatigue and the impact on your joints during a long outing.

Discover a selection of brands of poles according to your activities:

- Walking stick: Fizan

-• Nordic walking stick : TSL outdoor

-• Hiking and trekking poles : Guidetti, Ferrino, Leki and Black Diamond

-• Trail and running stick Scott

Multiple materials for your sticks

The aluminium shaft of the sticks contributes to the robustness of the product and the carbon to its lightness.
Handle in cork, plastic, foam, find an ergonomic grip. The cork allows perspiration to evacuate from the hands and a foam handle is ideal for the comfort of your hands.

Adapt the size of your stick

Adjust the height of your poles according to your size and your course. It is important for your joints and muscles to choose a club that fits your size. If it is too high or too low, tension in your shoulders or back can develop.
We therefore advise you to form a right angle when holding the pole, this height should be modulated when going up and down to maintain an enjoyable sporting experience with stability and comfort.

Ergonomic pole models

A stick is composed of strand(s), a handle, a strap, a washer and a tip.
There are different models, foldable sticks: 1, 2 or 3 strands and adjustable and telescopic sticks allowing for versatility of the product, adjust the size quickly and safely, compact for storage and convenient to hang on the backpack. Mounting and dismounting systems have been developed by the brands to make it easy for you to open and quickly lock the waist without effort. The brand
Straps on your handles for a quick tightening system and a comfortable grip. Leki brand stick straps will be ideal for your hikes or trails in nature.

Sticks for everyone

The sticks can be used by the whole family, some models are specially designed for children and their small sizes, sticks for women for a suitable grip. Mixed sticks (male and female) are generally proposed to satisfy adults.

Stick accessories for all terrains

The accessories for your sticks allow you to use your sticks on different floors. For the durability of the tip, favour rubber protections on hard and tarred ground and add washers for soft ground (sand and snow).

You can also find our different models of ski poles on our Winter section!

The stick is a beneficial product for all ages, children and adults alike will find the benefits of this product. Discover our different models on our Alpinstore website!

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