Recovery socks + compression sleeve BV sport Pack Performance (black/white)

Brand: BV sport

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Find the 2 flagship products of BV Sport in a single pack. The EVO2 Booster for during the effort, which is the peak of selective compression and the recovery sock ProRecup Elite EVO which allows the rapid elimination of venous blood poorly oxygenated and filled with toxins (lactic acid, free radicals, CO2 ...). More details

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White, Black
  • Summer
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  • Trail - Running
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Advantages :

  • Booster EVO2 compression sleeve + ProRecup Elite EVO recovery sock
  • Sleeve limiting by 42% the vibrations and muscular oscillations
  • Sock promoting recovery by limiting heavy legs and rapid elimination of toxins

Technical characteristics :

Compression sleeve Booster EVO2 :

  • Shockwave effect: limiting vibrations and muscle oscillations produced by the shockwave created during each impact of the feet on the ground while also reducing the risk of injury and muscle damage
  • Calf support : Rigid mesh targeted at the calf. Repels the phenomenon of heavy legs and pushes back the fatigue threshold.
  • Aero Tibial Window : Specific lightened mesh at the level of the tibia. Protection of sensitive pre-tibial structures.
  • Socket 3D" mesh: 3D honeycomb mesh that improves the support of the Achilles tendon.
  • Tap control" support mesh: reduces the risk of tendonitis and injuries and improves muscle load when leaning on the ground, especially on uneven paths or when going up or down hills.
  • Composition: 85% Polyamide - 15% Elastane
  • Weight: 24g (size M)

Recovery sock ProRecup Elite EVO2 :

  • Calf support: Rigid mesh targeted at the calf. Repels the phenomenon of heavy legs and postpones the threshold of fatigue. Reduces the appearance of periostitis and DOMS
  • Aero Tibial Window: Specific lightweight mesh on the tibia. Protection of sensitive pre-tibial structures.
  • Soleus protect system : Semi-rigid mesh and targeted pressure on the Achilles tendon to help reduce the risk of inflammation. Reduces vibrations during ground impacts.
  • Wide sidewall: Effectively holds the cuff in place without a tourniquet effect. Improves the support of the shaft during the effort.
  • Composition : 77% Polyamide - 23% Elastane


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