It is never easy to choose a tent for a camping or bivouac trip. However, it is essential for your comfort to make the right choice. That's why we suggest you discover our top 10 camping/bivouac tents 2022. Our experts have selected the best products for you!

How to choose the right tent for camping or bivouac?

No matter what you want to use it for, it is essential to take into account certain criteria. First of all, it is necessary to define the most common use of your tent. Indeed, if you are just going camping, the criteria will be different than for a trekking of several days.

First of all, you should know that the lightness criterion is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, when you go on a bivouac it is necessary not to underestimate the importance of the weight of the tent, because you will surely have to carry it several days in a row and during long hours of walking. It is therefore preferable to choose an ultra-light tent. For a camping trip the weight is much less important because you will not have to carry it in your backpack.
Then, don't forget that if the weather conditions are not in your favor and your tent is not adapted to difficult conditions, the night might be difficult.
Also, for optimal comfort you can opt for a waterproof tent.
Finally, it seems obvious that your comfort should be a consideration. Consider the size of the tent, the shape of the tent, the size of the living space, the number of bedrooms etc.

Advice from the product expert :

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Malaurie - Camping/trekking product expert

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For more comfort it's best to choose a tent with lots of vents, and even more so if there are several of you sleeping inside. This will prevent condensation and allow for better air exchange. Although single-roof tents are lighter, they often don't have the best ventilation. Therefore, use a rain fly whenever possible.

Top 5 camping/bivouac tents:


tente MSR
The MSR Hubba Hubba NX trekking tent is designed to accommodate up to two people. Perfect for your hikes and bivouacs, it is compact and lightweight. With a full range of modern features like the optimized symmetrical geometry or the rectangular ground sheet to maximize living space, it will accompany you on your adventures with all the comfort you need.


- Ultralight, with a maximum weight of 1.54 kg and a weight that can be reduced to 970 g with the two Fast & light options.
- Maximum living space with good height and two large apses with side entry for equipment storage.
- Comfortable, thanks to its adaptable double roof for good ventilation.
- Easy to set up and pack down with a center-cut pole system and color-coded components.


tente Sierra Designs
The Sierra Design Meteor 3000 trekking tent can accommodate up to 2 people. It is perfectly comfortable and suitable for bivouac or long hikes. It offers a large interior space that is very comfortable for two people. Even with two mattresses in it there is still room to store your gear or a few things.

Advantages :

- Comfortable, thanks to its large living space and its rectangular format you will not feel suffocated by the lack of space.
- Practical, thanks to its lightness, its quick double arch installation and its design with two openings and two canopies.
- Double canopy, for more ventilation and less condensation.


tente Frendo
The Frendo Fly 2 Light tent is designed to accommodate up to two people. This tent is as practical for camping as for bivouac. It has the characteristic of being light and resistant. You will be sure to spend comfortable nights in all comfort.

Advantages :

- Compact, it is easily transportable and therefore perfect for trekking.
- Light, it will not encumber you during your long hours of walking.
- Double roof, for more ventilation and comfort.


tente sierra Designs
The Sierra Design Clip Flashlight 3000 hiking tent is designed to accommodate up to two people. This three season tent is perfectly adapted for a trekking of several days. Its light design of less than 2 kg will not encumber you during your outings. Comfortable, it will welcome you to spend peaceful nights.

Advantages :

- Quick assembly, with its two poles it is easy to install.
- Comfortable, with its generous living space and a vestibule that allows you to enlarge the tent slightly.
- Practical, it is light and perfectly self-supporting.


Tente Ferrino
The Lightent Pro 1 tent from Ferrino is ideal for cycling or hiking trips. It is made of 100% recycled materials, in an environmentally friendly way. Ultralight and compact it will be able to accompany you everywhere without ever taking up too much space.

Advantages :

- Light and compact, to follow you in all your adventures without ever cluttering you up.
- Practical, with its quick assembly system and its interior with mosquito net.
- Comfortable, with its tunnel shape, its many storage spaces and its double roof perfect for evacuating humidity.


le saviez-vous
When you decide to go trekking, the choice of your backpack is just as important as the choice of your tent. Pay attention to its storage volume, practicality, accessories, functionality, weight and carrying capacity.
We recommend that you choose a backpack between 50 and 80 liters so that it can hold: sleeping bag, tent and camping utensils. But remember that you are going to carry every gram of your equipment, so you have to be careful about the weight of the bag and the carrying system so as not to complicate the long hours of walking. The most important elements of the carrying system are: frames, breathability and adjustments.

Continuation of the Top 10 camping/bivouac tents:


Tente Sierra Designs
The Sierra Designs Meteor 3000 backpacking tent is designed to accommodate up to three people. This three season tent has all the assets to accompany you during your bivouac outings. Its rectangular format offers a large interior space for more comfort. Even with three standard mattresses, there is always room to store your gear.

Advantages :

- Comfortable, with its pleasant living space, its burrito bag type storage, and its double roof allowing a better evacuation of humidity.
- Practical, with its two doors, its two vestibules and its quick double arch installation.
- Lightweight, for ease of transport.


Tente Sierra Designs
The Clearwing 3000 backpacking tent from Sierra Designs is designed to accommodate up to 2 people. It offers a comfortable space, a nice interior volume and two apses. For even more comfort, it has a waterproof and protective rain fly that is perfectly weatherproof.

Assets :

- Beautiful volumes, to live pleasantly without ever having the impression of suffocating or being compressed inside.
- Waterproof, for more comfort and serenity in case of bad weather.
- Lightweight, for easy transport.


Tente Ferrino
The Ferrino Force 2 tent is designed to accommodate up to two people. It is designed to be easily transported in a backpack. Even in difficult conditions, it is perfectly resistant and remains waterproof. With its external hoops it remains easy to assemble.

Advantages :

- Strong and durable to face the most difficult weather conditions requiring a good waterproofness.
- Comfortable, with its double roof and its ventilation system of the room. For more volume, two apses complete the package.
- Durable, with waterproof seams in the roof and groundsheet, triple-layer construction to reinforce the corners of the groundsheet, and a repair kit included.


Tente Vaude
The Mark UL tent from Vaude is designed to sleep up to three people. Perfect for trekking trips, it offers great features that will allow you to enjoy a good rest in any place. This three-season tent will accompany you everywhere throughout the months.

Advantages :

- Resistant and light, with its correct weight and its very good wind resistance.
- Practical, it is very easy and quick to set up and take down.
- Ecological manufacturing, with the labels and technologies: eco-finish, fair wear, green shape and PVC Free.


tente Salewa
The Litetrek III trekking tent from Salewa is designed to accommodate three people. This self-supporting tent is light, perfectly robust and reliable. It will give you optimal protection against harsh weather conditions, always remaining stable in windy conditions. This tent is a perfect balance of weather protection and ventilation, while being 100% freestanding. On rocky terrain or alpine sites you will have no trouble setting it up.

Advantages :

- Lightweight, for easy transport in a backpack.
- Stable, with its self-supporting system that allows it to be set up anywhere, regardless of the terrain.
- Sturdy and reliable, with its semi-geodesic, double-wall construction and two layers of fabric between you and the elements, allowing for full use of space and a perfect balance between weather protection and ventilation.

Although their constructions are all equally different, it's up to you to find the right tent for you based on your intended use and your own criteria. This Top 10 camping/bivouac tents list allows you to discover the best sellers at Alpinstore, but it's up to you to make your own choices based on what you think is most important for your comfort.