Who are we?
Victor in charge of after-sales service and SKIMAN at Alpinstore

What activity?
Barcelona Marathon March 2024

Barcelona, Spain

How long / Result?
2h26'10, 28th out of 20,000 participants

Your goal?
  • Beat my previous record (2h30)
  • Take advantage of the event to combine sport and tourism
How did you feel during and after the race?
The course and conditions were perfect for setting a good time (thanks to the early spring Spanish sun).
I managed to run two half-marathons that were almost identical (1h13'16 and 1h12'54), so the race was very well managed, and catching up with (a lot of) people in the second part of the race was very motivating (Pac-Man mode was on).
The atmosphere created by the spectators all along the course was incredible: so many people that it was impossible to spot my family during the race.

The feeling of crossing the finish line under the Arc de Triomphe with your goal accomplished is extraordinary. It was very emotional to think of all the preparation that had gone into this result, almost 1600km and 100 hours of training. The post-race paella was well deserved!

An anecdote?
  • Thanks to this time, I achieved the women's Olympic minimum for PARIS2024 (2h26'50) and that's a pretty gratifying "personal achievement".
What equipment do you use?
  • Training: Saucony shoes / SCOTT jacket (RC RUN model) for winter and PLUM cap (5-panel model) for sunny days.
  • In competition: Nike shoes and Adidas textiles.
What do you like most about this type of effort?
I really enjoy "long-duration" efforts, whether on the road or on the trail, in all phases:
  • Carrying out a training plan over several months (15 weeks for this marathon) and implementing lots of things on a daily basis to achieve your goal is something I appreciate, because you can feel the progress day after day.
  • During the race, the longer the effort, the more time you spend on tactics and nutrition, and the more you can push your body to its limits.
  • After the race, the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable, so go for it!

Congratulations again on this fine performance!