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As part of the article "Tous eco-friendly : les initiatives éco-responsables de l'équipe Alpinstore", this time we find the association Les Terres d'Athes about their vegetarian ecolieu located in Gironde.

  • A: art, alternatives, agriculture, animals...
  • T: transition, land...
  • H: human, habitat...
  • E: ecology, economy, exchange...
  • S: social, spiritual...
Terres d'Athes - Alpinstore
"What is Les Terres d'Athes? A citizens' association, a common project, a desire for transition...
A desire to test alternatives to ourusualways oflife and to respond to a need, while respecting the human being and the environment.
We want to create a place where we dare to undertake, to experiment and especially to share!
An association of transition, a social and economic project through a vegetarian eco-environment and more concretely of the sensitization during festivals, participative building sites to make that accessible to a broad public
The activities :
- raising awareness of ecology, zero waste and transition
- permaculture
- personal development
- animal rescue....
Many future projects, such as the construction of a boulder wall, hammocks in the trees, we are also sensitive to the respect of the great outdoors, in the mountains or in festivals such as the natural games because the mountain has been democratized and people respect unfortunately less and less.
A personaldevelopment "reconnection with nature": hiking, meditation in nature, vegetarian cooking. "

Les Terres d'Athes offers us some photos to illustrate their activities:

  • A permaculture vegetable garden, creation of a composter for food scraps
  • Greenhouse made from recycled materials (windows, shelves, etc.)

Potager terres d'athes - alpinstoreles terres d'athes - alpinstorepotager les terres d'athes - alpinstore

  • An insect hotel, this installation allows the development of diversified ecosystems, to facilitate the survival of insects.

hotel insectes - alpinstore

  • A zero waste travel kit with our homemade toothpaste recipe

trousse de toilette maison - les terres d'athes

  • A dry toilet adapted for people with disabilities

toilettes seches - les terres d'athes

  • A pocket ashtray. [Did you know that a cigarette butt thrown in nature can pollute up to 500 liters of water? Hence the need to throw them directly into the trash!]

cendrier de poche les terres d'athes

  • Creation of an outdoor kitchen with recycled elements, solar lights and a water collector

cuisine jour les terres d'athes - alpinstorecuisine nuit terres d'athes - alpinstore

  • Outdoor painting workshop with flour and natural pigments

peinture pigment naturel -les terres d'athes - alpinstore

  • Christmas trees made from pallets

sapin de noel palettes - les terres d'athes

Find the other initiatives on their Facebook page: Les Terres d'Athes

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