From generation to generation, Kimberfeel has been putting shoes on mountain lovers. Hiking, trekking, snow and flowers: a shoe for every terrain. Kimberfeel's mission is to make the mountains accessible to all, whether you like to tackle steep trails or stroll through the valleys.

Born at the foot of the French Alps, the brand has acquired exclusive know-how and offers products that are both technically high-performance and aesthetically appealing. This fusion of sport and fashion combines adventure and elegance. The desire to accentuate casual urban style and active chic means that even the most urban dwellers can wear their favorite footwear in the city and in the mountains.

Committed to quality, Kimberfeel does everything in its power to ensure that its shoes accompany young and old alike for as long as possible, and responsibly continue their journey through nature.

Today, with the ambition to go even further, the brand has decided to evolve its image to better reflect its values, its character and its closeness to its customers.
"Because we've been proud to accompany you since 1956, because you're our source of inspiration, because after a summit is reached, there's another summit to reach, we're constantly renewing ourselves, with you, for you. In short, let's follow our own paths together. Kimberfeel "
Without further ado, discover our choice of après ski for this winter:

Adriana 2 :

The perfect boots for skiing or mountaineering! An original and trendy look to stay warm and dry in any weather!

We like:

  • Warmth with a fully furred lining
  • The comfort of faux fur
  • Canadian style for an elegant look

Pair weight: 540g

Price: €80 €56


Equipped with a Kimbertex waterproof membrane and fully lined in polyester for maximum comfort and warmth! These shoes are ideal for use in the snow, and we don't regret it!

We like:

  • Excellent protection with Kimbertex waterproof membrane
  • A warm polyester lining
  • Comfort for long days in the snow!

Weight: 850g

Price: 135€ 94.50

Lordan :

Ideal for cold winter days in the resort, its trendy look makes it suitable for snow, but also for casual urban use. Its Kimbertex waterproof membrane will keep you safe from water and the elements!

We like:

  • Warm polyester lining
  • Kimbertex waterproof membrane
  • Insulated outsole with good grip

Weight: 1000g in 41

Price: €120 €84.00

Beker :

Ready for a polar expedition? Beker boots will follow you on all your coldest excursions! Thanks to its removable wool liner, you'll stay warm and dry, its thermoplast rubber and phylon shell and sole guarantee exceptional grip, and its wide crampons will easily reject snow and mud.

We like:

  • Removable wool liner for maximum warmth, making them ideal for extreme cold.

  • SCS (Self cleaning System), self-cleaning sole with non-slip studs for optimal snow and mud rejection.

Weight: 1330g in 41

Price: €110 €77.00

Mini :

Take care of kids' feet in winter with these lined sneakers, with warm wool lining.
Ideal for playing in the snow and sledding down the slopes!

We like:

  • Warm wool lining
  • Wool comfort sole
  • Shoes for extreme cold

Weight: 260g in 22

Price: €45 €32.13